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Brooke Burke Discusses Getting Fit, and Taking Over Hosting on “Fool Us” — Daily Blast LIVE

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Brooke Burke Reveals Why It’s Important for Her to ‘Take Little Tech Breaks’ From Her Phone, Shares Summer Workout Routine

Since Brooke Burke is a public figure and runs her own business, Brooke Burke Body, she has learned she needs to put her phone away at certain times to help with her mental health. “It’s hard because I share bits of my personal life online, so I always want to…

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Brooke Burke Believes in ‘Developing a Lifestyle That You Can Enjoy’: ‘I Give Myself Grace’

It’s no secret Brooke Burke looks amazing, which is why she’s letting her followers in on a little secret as to how you can look and feel good in your own body. “I try to love myself and have compassion and grace. It’s summer. We eat out a little bit…

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Brooke Burke credits intermittent fasting in wellness plan after thyroid cancer battle

At age 51, Brooke Burke is in the best shape of her life – and she wants to help others feel just as good. The fitness star and TV personality recently launched a 21-day summer challenge, which aims to help people meet their health and wellness goals. The program features 15…

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Brooke Burke, 51, reveals which products she keeps in her summer bag to keep her young looking as she plugs her 21 Day Fitness Challenge

Fitness guru Brooke Burke has been able to maintain her youthful appearance even into her fifties. And the Dancing With The Stars veteran has told that she works hard to stay healthy and active as she promotes her new 21 Day Fitness Challenge. But the social media favorite also…

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Brooke Burke, 51, reveals which products keep her young looking

The star talked to about diet to plug her 21-Day Fitness Challenge. She discussed the joys of intermittent fasting, which is becoming increasingly popular. It means eating in an eight hour window and then not eating for the remaining 16 hours in a day. ‘It’s a simple yet powerful…

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Brooke Burke’s Top 3 Summer Shape-Up Tips

Brooke Burke is showing us how to get in shape for summer! Watch the video for three easy tips, like working out while using red light therapy, doing tree house yoga, and practicing mindful meditation. Better yet, join Brooke’s 21-Day Summer Fitness Challenge on her Brooke Burke Body app. She…

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YouTuber MrBeast Shares Major Fitness Transformation While Trying to Get “Yoked”

YouTuber MrBeast is subscribing, liking and commenting on his latest fitness journey. The social media star, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, recently shared insight into his workout routines, posting before-and-after shirtless images of his gym transformation. “Woke up and realized I was obese so I started lifting and walking 12,500 steps a day,” MrBeast tweeted on June 29. “Still got a…

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Brooke Burke Shares Some Of Her Summer Must-Haves!

Brooke Burke‘s 21-Day Challenge isn’t only about physical wellness. She shares some of her favorite must-have items, products, and routines to help keep your summer on the right track to all-around wellness. Brooke Burke Shares Her Summer Must-Haves! Everyone loves a good tip or trick, right? Burke knows this and…

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Brooke Burke’s 21-Day Challenge Focuses On Mind, Body, And Soul

If you’re thinking about a wellness reset and need some guidance, Brooke Burke has just what you need to get started and to succeed. The actress and fitness guru recently released her new 21-Day Fitness Challenge that can help you in more ways than just physically. With a focus on “intentional wellness” it’s a…

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Brooke Burke, 51, models a bra top and shorts as she reveals the diet hacks she loves – like going 16 HOURS with no food

Brooke Burke looked sensational in new photos shared this week. The star, 51, wore a tiny beach top and little shorts in black-and-white as she exercised in the back yard of her Malibu mansion. She did yoga on her tree house platform and worked out by a tee-pee. The star also talked…

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Brooke Burke, 51, relies on meditation, ‘junk’ salads, Oura rings, ‘dry brushing’ and ketone shots to stay in bikini shape as she launches a 21-Day Fitness Challenge

Brooke Burke found fame as the host of Wild On! and Hidden Heroes, and then exploded when she won then co-hosted Dancing With The Stars. Now she has become a top fitness guru who has grown so popular, she is single-handedly introducing new trends. This month the 51-year-old shared with…

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burke press covers 2023 april F Press Parade

Brooke Burke Is a Vision in Chic Bow Top at Charity Event With Her Family

Brooke Burke knows how to dominate a red carpet photocall—and apparently, so does her entire family. The 51-year-old showed up to Operation Smile’s 11th annual Celebrity Ski & Smile Challenge in Park City, Utah over the weekend, where she came dressed to impress to the event’s formal gala. Stepping out…

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burke press covers 2023 april F Press Monsters Critics

Brooke Burke shares inspirational message for black-and-white glam

Brooke Burke is stunning, but she recently shared how gorgeous she is on the inside too. The TV personality included a heartfelt caption along with a lovely lace number on her Instagram feed, and the result was breathtaking on all fronts. The sheer lace cover-up had her looking elegant and…

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Biohacking revealed: What to know about the hip health trend embraced by Brooke Burke, Tom Brady and others

A practice known as “biohacking” is gaining popularity among celebrities such as Brooke Burke, Tom Brady and Jeff Bezos — it’s means of improving health, fitness and vitality by making small and incremental lifestyle changes. But is this “DIY biology” really all it’s cracked up to be? Experts weighed in…

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