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Brooke Burke, 51, reveals which products keep her young looking

The star talked to about diet to plug her 21-Day Fitness Challenge.

She discussed the joys of intermittent fasting, which is becoming increasingly popular. It means eating in an eight hour window and then not eating for the remaining 16 hours in a day.

‘It’s a simple yet powerful concept: confine eating to an 8-hour window and fast for the remaining 16 hours of the day,’ Brooke told

‘For example, if you eat dinner at 7 pm, your next meal will be at 11:00 am the next morning,’ she explained.

‘This timing cycle essentially tricks your body into burning stored fat.

‘During a “fasted state” – the hours when your body is not consuming or digesting any food – your body doesn’t have a recently consumed meal to use as energy, so it pulls energy from the fat stored in your body instead.

‘Intermittent fasting trains your body to consume food more efficiently and to burn fat as fuel.

‘Fasting can leave you feeling hungry or fatigued, but by bridging the time with your regular sleep cycle, it is much easier to embrace.

Om: What she is most excited about these days is her 21 day challenge which includes a chill out factor: meditation. Brooke has become big on mediation. ‘Through daily meditation, we will retrain our brain and develop new habits to change our perspective and meet and complete our wellness goals,’ she shared

To check out the challenge go to Brooke Burke Body.

And she talked Mindful Mondays.

‘Start each week by taking time – before your schedule gets busy – to calm and cleanse your mind as well as your body.

‘Whether you practice yoga, meditation, or even simple breathwork, the important thing is that you find a way to center yourself, focus your intentions, and make conscious choices about the week ahead.

‘Mondays are the perfect days to “Go Green” with fresh, delicious, and nutritious veggies and fruits.

‘Check out your local farmer’s market or organic food store and stock up.

‘Here are just a few examples of mostly plant-based meals that are simple, fresh, and light. There’s no reason to go hungry when you fuel your body with crunchy vegetables, healthy soups, hot green tea, and plenty of water.’

‘One of my favorite meals is a junks salad,’ she told

‘It is a funny name I came up with for a salad I make at home that includes whatever is in my fridge.

‘I will use chicken from the night before or salmon, veggies I happen to have like broccoli or tomatoes, and maybe even seeds and nuts, I just add it all in.’

And she explained she makes her own healthy dressing.

‘I will mix olive oil, which is good fat, Dijon mustard, vinegar, salt, lemon in a mason jar so it keeps,’ she noted.

It takes three weeks to establish a new habit, she said, which is exactly the length of her new 21-Day Fitness Challenge.

‘And one of the healthy habits we’ll be creating is a daily meditation practice. Trust me on this one, the mind and body benefits are incredible.’

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Her 21 day plan: She likes to not only eat well and exercise, but also to chill out her mind

She also said that sitting still helps her have more energy. ‘Meditation is the practice of training the mind in order to induce a state of relaxation, focus, and inner peace. A daily meditation practice helps control our thoughts, emotions and inner dialogue to positively retrain our brain and elevate our well-being.

‘We meditate, not to find peace, but to meet reality. The practice of meditation can take many forms, including silence, prayer, visualization, and breathing exercises. The main goal of meditation is to stay present and focused on the current moment, rather than dwelling on past experiences or worrying about the future.

‘Personally, I like musical guided meditations. Through this daily commitment, you will develop a deeper sense of personal awareness and spiritual connection.

‘In the space of stillness, you will find your strength. Make meditation a habit. Forming new habits is easier than we think. We actually do it all the time.

‘When school starts, we shift our morning schedule to get everyone ready on time. When our kids’ extracurricular activities change, we adjust our afternoon routine to manage new pick-ups and drop-offs. We don’t give it much thought… when we are meeting other people’s needs.

‘Perhaps the reason we so easily accommodate change for others, but not ourselves, is because we view self-care as optional. That’s where we need to shift our mindset.

‘Meditation helps decrease stress, control anxiety, and improve sleep. It helps lengthen attention span, reduce age-related memory loss, and promote emotional health.

‘It can even help manage pain, lower blood pressure, and support recovery. Most importantly, meditation fosters kindness.

‘And the world can always use more kindness!’

In just three weeks, she said anyone can replace unhealthy habits with healthy ones.

‘We can reshape our bodies and reconnect with our authentic ourselves. We can fold fitness into our daily routine and discover the power of nutritious (and delicious) food. And we can embrace mindful meditation that will help us stay centered and focused.

‘Give yourself three weeks and experience the magic of meditation, mindfulness, and me-time.’

This month the 51-year-old shared with how she has come up with a new 21 day plan to help get her followers in bikini shape for the hot months of summer.

‘It’s time to reset and recharge and reimagine personal potential,’ the Melissa & Joey actress told exclusively.

‘The new 21-Day Fitness Challenge is the ideal program to reach your summer health and wellness goals, focusing on both fitness and mindfulness.

‘It is about new beginnings and letting go of old patterns.’ The program includes workouts, recipes, meditation, and other tips.

Also during her sit down chat with, the mother-of-four discussed some of her latest favorites, like meditation, ‘junk’ salads, Oura rings, dry brushing and ketone shots.

She also walked fans through some of her favorites these days.

The pinup also touched on a few biohacks, a term used to describe do-it-yourself biology. Brooke wears an Oura ring. ‘It tracks my wellness score,’ she said. ‘It helps maximize my time and energy.’ She is a fan of TruNiagen supplements. ‘I take them every day, they really do work.’ And also uses Bemer, which stimulates and increases blood flow to muscles for improved performance. Brooke also takes ketone shots. ‘It is fuel for my body and puts ketones back in my body.’

Burke went through her morning routine as well: ‘I wake up at about 7 am and stay in bed meditating for 10 minutes to meditate. I then do a morning movement routine where I stretch and create mobility.’ She then has her coffee with cream and talks to her children. She has four: Shaya, Rain, Sierra, and Neriah. Next she works out. ‘Sweat is the best facial for me, it detoxes,’ she said. And she drinks water from Thera-H2O which takes out impurities. ‘I don’t drink water from plastic bottles,’ she noted.

Brooke also does ‘dry brushing’ which exfoliates her skin which is a body massage with a dry, stiff-bristled brush that’s said to help get rid of flaky skin, increase circulation, detoxify, help digestion, and even improve the appearance of cellulite, per the Cleveland Clinic.

The star uses the brand Therasage.

As far as moisturizing she uses the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly and coconut oil.

What she is most excited about these days is her 21 day challenge which includes a chill out factor: meditation. Brooke has become big on mediation. ‘Through daily meditation, we will retrain our brain and develop new habits to change our perspective and meet and complete our wellness goals,’ she shared.

‘I guide followers through workouts and mindfulness practices designed to not only strengthen your self-confidence, but also your mental resilience.

‘This challenge is all about community, connection and consciousness. Together, we will redefine your wellness goals and strengthen your body confidence to meet your personal potential.;

There are weekly LIVE Zoom classes, the first series of digital meetups, and social media sharing.

‘It’s really interactive and connects people,’ Brooke said. ‘It gives insightful to well-being.’

Her pal, Chef Giovanna, has provided 21 recipes.

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