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Comments from the Community


Thank you for your gift of these LIVE segments this month. You and your spirit are so inspiring and captivating with your words of encouragement and compassion. And seeing your loved ones join you is a bonus! And PS: the quick facial treatment with the chilled jade roller is next level multi-tasking wellness! In your BTS reels on IG, I noticed all of the work, screens, and technology that go into these live segments. WOW! I truly appreciate you and your team. You make wellness a fun and worthwhile experience. Wishing you and your family the
happiest of holidays.


Thank you Brooke, happy to report that I love stacking your videos. In fact, in one of them, you advised me to remember to stack and add on as you get stronger and your voice rings in my 49 year old brain everyday to keep pushing myself! Thank you so much for your inspiration! When I come to Malibu one day, I will definitely DM you to join a class! I used to be a five day a week spinner (cycle class at 5:45 am, until I found you, your App and your dynamic moves! Thank you again from the bottom of my heart! I am heading into 50 trying to feel like 25 again!


Thank you Brooke! I’ve been with you for a few months now and definitely feeling stronger and right when I was getting ready to pat myself on the back here comes day two! This was a burner. I did like the new location but I also love the beauty of your backyard and the other locations as well. A great mix you have! It shows us we can get our burn anywhere. Sometimes it’s nice to get outside.


One of my top favorites! Love the variety of moves for the entire body, not just the booty!


Swedish girl here….I have tried different workout apps but this one is by far, the best one. I love your videos and I suddenly love to workout…I hated it before, so thanks!


Love your friendship! I feel the same about my tribe. I have been following you since 2018, when I turned 50! Three years later, I feel better than ever. Thank you for all your support!


Good morning Brooke. I enjoy everything about your app. The variety from which to choose is such a gift. You can jump around and get a cardio workout. You can get a cardio boost and work up a sweat from low impact bodyweight moves. You can work specific body areas and also choose rest and recovery burns. I especially enjoy the live workouts and the programs and challenges. I have enjoyed great success with your workouts physically and mentally. Thank you.


I cannot agree more to the fact that you have given me myself back. You remind me that I am worth it and that it is ok to take time for me. It makes me think about my thoughts and how I am treating myself. Wow I just cannot tell you enough of how you have gotten me to WAKE UP. I listen to these every morning now. It helps me as a mom and wife and woman and friend!! Please always use this app. It means so much!!!


You are my forever accountability partner from a distance Brooke . I’m so grateful to see how your app has evolved so much over the years. I love that I could skim through and pick the work out that’s based on the time I have for the day and squeeze in an effective quickie. Excited about the summer program. Let’s Do this! Sending you hugs and gratitude.


I love doing my workout with you, 6 days per week… Arms Abs Total body, especially living room ones… It makes me feel I’m with a friend exercising. So much sweat, but so much fun… from a french yoga teacher.


For me, this is some kind of very energetically strong training. For five days in a row I have been doing it, sometimes even twice a day. I don’t get tired of it, every time I discover something new in myself. During the training, first I cried at the same time, so the soul was cleansed and the body received relaxation and what inner inexplicable happiness. Thank you so much first.


Yes! I work out with you every single day! I tell all my friends about your app and make all my friends do the 7 day free trial. I used to run everyday and it made me starving and have to burn calories and count my calories. I now work out with you everyday, follow your eating plan, and never have to worry about counting calories or stressing out about food! Thanks for all you do!


Thank you Brooke for all these great workouts. I’ve been doing these for a couple of years. I think before Covid actually. Thank you for inspiring us all. Love the positive guidance.


Even with the South African time difference I’m all for it! You’ve changed my life. Thank you Brooke for your creativity and commitment to this awesome app!


Hi Brooke! I’m well, I hope you are too. I love your app, especially the full body workouts. Have all my favorites on repeat. Thanks for providing such amazing content that works.


Today marks three years for me doing this app. I am so thankful for you and your workouts! I needed this sweat today after all the extra Christmas goodies!


You said something very important in this workout that has now changed the way I feel everything now and I think a lot of people don’t know how to position their weight when they do exercises but the moment you said take the stress off your back and lean into your elbows it made a difference!

Miss Tay

This workout is the best! Lost 40 lbs in 2020, and I used your workouts quite a bit (since 2018), and will continue to do so!you said something very important in this workout that has now changed the way I feel everything now and I think a lot of people don’t know how to position their weight when they do exercises but the moment you said take the stress off your back and lean into your elbows it made difference!


Love your dedication to putting up new challenges and versatile segments. Loving this app, started your app during covid and 2 years down never felt better and still committed to fitness- for the first time in my life. Thanks to you and your awesome app! Merry Christmas all the way from South Africa, to you and our BB Body community. So grateful you make the app so affordable and that we are all able to stay connected to one another and to our own bodies! To a healthy 2023!!


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Working out at home with my @brookeburkebody app since 2017. Five years ago I was in a dark place. Emotionally, Physically. Sick, tired and unhealthy. I downloaded the Brooke Burke body exercise app in December of 2017. I pushed myself. Every time I felt like giving up, the wonderful people of the #BBB community stood there with me! Including @brookeburke herself! I’m not a gym person and my youngest is handicapped. workout anytime, anywhere. I only committed to 10 minutes a day. That’s it. Small steps turned everything around. Little by little I was transformed. Best thing you can do is give yourself 10 minutes a day. She even has little 6 minute morning stretches to get your day started right. I have 3 kids. 2 are still little and I don’t have a lot of time. This is a great Mother’s Day gift to yourself or someone you love. It’s affordable, convenient and great for busy moms. I’m a BBB gal for LIFE!! Come join our community! XO

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