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Why HIIT Works

Some trends come, others go, but High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts are here to stay. While many of us most likely did some form of it before the trend hit, there are more variations of it than ever before. I try to incorporate HIIT into most of my full-body workouts—short bursts of heart-pumping exercise, followed…

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4-Week Booty Challenge

Ready to get that bubble booty 🍑? Consider this your official booty call.   My 4-week Booty Challenge is ready for you!  We have brand new daily glute-specific exercises that will lift, tighten, and shape every angle of your glutei. Just 5 minutes a day for one month will transform your butt to bubble booty status. Firm glutes aren't just about looking good…

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Weekly Workout Schedule

Welcome to your Weekly Workout Schedule! We pre-stack your workouts for the week so all you have to do is show up and sweat! The key to fitness is consistency. Are you ready to commit and crush your fitness goals? Let's do this! [siteorigin_widget…

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High-Energy, Low-Calorie Tequila Cocktails

In 2020, we should take any reason to celebrate, and National Tequila Day is no exception. Be festive with one of my favorite high-energy, low-calorie tequila cocktail recipes! For the best taste, I recommend finding an organic tequila. Frozen Lemon Margarita A go-to for spending the day by the pool on a hot summer day.…

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4-Week Ab Attack Challenge

Summer is here! Let's spend it together.   I designed a 4-week Ab Attack Challenge for you to feel your summer best. These brand new ab-specific daily burns will tone, tighten, and slim your core. Just 5 minutes a day for one month will transform and strengthen your abs. If you haven't already, download the BB Body Fitness…

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