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Getting Back After a Life Detour

It seems so easy to break from our fitness routines. Whether it’s an intensive work obligation, a planned family vacation, or even just having the kids home all day during the summer break, self-care is often the first thing we sacrifice in order to accommodate everything else. It happens to all of us. The important…

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Passion Powers Possibilities

I say “let it burn” a lot in my classes. And physically, it’s definitely easy to feel that sensation as our bodies work up a sweat. But on a deeper level, I think we also need to turn up the heat on our desires, imagine the strong, sexy body of our dreams, and have faith…

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Morning Rituals + My Morning Meditation Playlist

How do you start your mornings? A positive morning routine is key to a productive day and a healthy mindset. It sets the tone for the day and is a reflection of your personal commitments. In our super busy schedules, a mindful morning is a great way to bring it back to center, set personal…

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When It Comes to Your Health, Every Day Should Be Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here again! It is a day of celebration. A day of relaxation. A day to put ourselves first. It’s the one day of the year that us Moms get to do whatever we want. But when it comes to health and wellness, I believe every day should be Mother’s Day, and we…

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5 Tips to Freshen Up Your Fitness Routine

Committing to a new fitness goal - or getting back into one - is often the biggest hurdle between where we are and where we want to be. Once we get going, of course, momentum kicks in and motivation increases. But it sure is easy to succumb to self-sabotage before ever getting started. Perhaps you…

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Self-love vs. Selfishness

It’s mind-blowing to me that we often associate self-love with selfishness. That could not be further from the truth! One online thesaurus I accessed equated it with conceit, narcissism, and vanity. WTF?!? And get this… it suggested “modesty” as the antonym! Who knew self-love was such a contentious topic? I find this fascinating! We’ve been…

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Tips for Mindful Mondays

I am obviously a huge believer in the importance of health and fitness. But one thing I know for sure is that achieving those goals isn’t just about eating right and exercising our booties off. The real journey begins in our mind. It starts with believing that how we treat our bodies matters and that…

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Tasty Temptations

Let’s talk about the relationship between food and sex! Both can stimulate our senses, satiate physical needs, and involve powerful emotional connections. Often, one can even elicit a desire for the other. So let’s take the passion and spice from the bedroom to the kitchen and show our tummies some love! Food is the new…

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Our Conscious Awareness

  As we all continue to process the events of the last year… last month… last week… it’s helpful to remember that change is inevitable. This year will be different in many ways, for sure, but hindsight is 20/20. And 2020 taught us a great deal. The importance of self-care. The value of connection. The…

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How to Keep Kids Moving Through Online Learning

As children are getting their school online, even PE has become an online course. Our kids are staring at screens all day, which is known to have detrimental physical, cognitive, and mental effects. It’s harder than ever to get them away from their screens and into the sun. According to the CDC, kids are supposed to…

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Brooke Burke Launches Fitness, Nutrition App With Targeted, Stackable Workouts

The ever-evolving fitness industry is constantly throwing new theories, products and workout trends into the mix. For those too busy to incorporate a trip to the gym into the daily grind, or who want to go with a less expensive option than a gym membership or private trainer, technology has taken a front seat and…

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Brooke Burke is turning 50 this year and she’s feeling happy and healthy: ‘It’s just a number’

Fitness is Brooke Burke's second language and as she approaches 50, she has no plans to slow down. The former Dancing With the Stars contestant and later co-host inspires others to move their bodies through her workout app Brooke Burke Body, which aims to make fitness easier to digest from home. The influencer, who looks just as amazing…

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Brooke Burke Says ‘Bite-Sized’ Burns Are How She Stays Fit

The past two years have been transformative for actress and fitness expert Brooke Burke. After 12 years together, the 49-year-old filed for divorce from husband David Charvet in 2018—and began a journey of self-discovery. "We are so committed to finding fulfillment through falling in love, marriage, and raising a family," says Brooke, "but learning how to…

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Brooke Burke Usually Eats Just 2 Meals A Day On Her 16:8 Intermittent Fasting Diet

Brooke Burke, 48, is a longtime TV host, fitness expert, podcaster, and author. Chances are, you've seen her—and her six pack abs—on screen at some point or another over the years. From her workouts to her meals, Brooke has always made her health a priority—even while raising her four children (Neriah, Sierra, Rain, and Shaya)…

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Brooke Burke Credits Her Healthy ‘Lifestyle’ for Maintaining Toned Abs at 49: I Love to ‘Work Out’

Brooke Burke can thank her dedicated workout schedule and healthy “lifestyle” for maintaining her toned abs. The Dancing With the Stars alum exclusively reveals how she stays fit in her late 40s in a new interview with Closer Weekly. Brooke Burke BROOKE BURKE WORKS HARD FOR HER BODY! SEE HER BEST SWIMSUIT PHOTOS “Health and…

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