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How to Keep Kids Moving Through Online Learning

As children are getting their school online, even PE has become an online course. Our kids are staring at screens all day, which is known to have detrimental physical, cognitive, and mental effects. It’s harder than ever to get them away from their screens and into the sun. According to the CDC, kids are supposed to…

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5 Reasons to Start Meatless Mondays

  The idea of going vegan or even vegetarian can be scary to some, or even unfathomable. Meat is such a large part of most people’s diet and culture that the idea of giving it up altogether is too frightening to even take the first step. While we know there are significant health benefits to…

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How Women Can Gain Lean Muscle

Many women ask me how to tone and build lean muscle. After all, building muscle, in general, can often be a slower process for women since we tend to have less testosterone than men. Whether you want to build big or build lean, what building muscle can do is make you stronger, healthier, and less…

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Turmeric Almond Milk Latte

Pumpkin Spice might bring in fall for many, but for me, it's all about the rich and creamy Turmeric Almond Milk Latte with its hints of cinnamon and ginger. Best of all, turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory to help in post-workout recovery.  Ingredients 1/2 cup canned lite coconut milk 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk 1…

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Home Workouts Are Here to Stay

This year many of us traded in our valued gym time for at-home workouts by necessity. The shift was not easy at first for many of us, but we quickly learned the benefits of exercising at home. Now options are shifting again. Whether or not you decide to return to gyms and your favorite classes,…

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4-Week Booty Challenge

Ready to get that bubble booty 🍑? Consider this your official booty call.   My 4-week Booty Challenge is ready for you! We have brand new daily glute-specific exercises that will lift, tighten, and shape every angle of your glutei. Just 5 minutes a day for one month will transform your butt to bubble booty…

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Fresh Starts

A New Year is a great opportunity for us to reset and start fresh. I suspect more diets and gym memberships are started on January 1st than any other time of the year. There's just something powerful about the idea of a hard stop, a meaningful pause, and a new beginning. Obviously, this magical marker…

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New Year, New Norm!

A brand-new year filled with potential and possibilities is just beginning. Let's start it off right by committing to take care of our bodies, minds, spirits... and each other! Together, we are going to sweat smart, eat healthy, rest well, and make self-care a priority. I raise my glass to all the warriors joining me…

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Maintain Your Winter Chill

Even under ordinary circumstances, staying centered can sometimes be a challenge. It's easy to get so caught up in our to-do lists that we forget to take care of ourselves – the very thing that makes everything else possible! Obviously, the holiday season can be especially busy and demanding, which is all the more reason…

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Getting In The Holiday Spirit

We all know the holidays are filled with tasty temptations – to indulge sensibly, of course. But one of the most festive things we can serve up in the spirit of the season is a spirit for the season. Whether we're having company over like in Christmases Past or hosting a party for one this Christmas Present, it's always nice to have…

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Stressed about being stuck at home and all the craziness that is 2020? We got you covered. The 28-Day Quaran-TONE Challenge is our way to help you take control of your day-to-day and create the “new normal” you want for yourself. This is a chance to cast away any negative habits, reflect on what you're…

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Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural Plant-Based CBD Cream

  This natural plant-based CBD cream by Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics helps me on days when I need muscle relief & recovery. It is a great topical relief cream that provides a cooling sensation from eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils. It's great for your shoulders, lower back, and neck. Use it day or night!

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Celebrating Our Third BB Body Anniversary

  Dear BB Body Warriors. As our third anniversary together nears, this feels like just the right time to remember how far we’ve come, the challenges we’ve faced, and the triumphs we've had along the way. We began with the Holiday Handful. We rolled through the heat with the Summer Slim Down. We crushed 4-week…

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5 Ways to Stay Sane While Parenting During Quarantine

  As a mom to four kiddos, I totally get it. Parenting during quarantine sucks. With the holidays fast approaching, there seems to be even more on my plate. These 5 tips on parenting with self-love in the age of self-isolation have helped me, and I hope they help you too. Nourish Your Body Without…

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Patience, A Practice Worth Pursuing

  With election week on the world’s center stage, we can’t shelter ourselves from feelings of anxiety.  Beyond winning or losing, this week has conjured up so many different emotions. What have we learned from this week and how can we apply it to our own journey? Fitness is NOT about winning or losing it's…

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