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Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke is a TV host, fitness guru, podcaster, author, and one of social media's most followed moms with almost 4 million followers. Brooke has graced the cover of countless fitness, fashion, and lifestyle magazines.

Fitness Expert

Inspired by her dedication to educate women about the importance of physical and mental health, Brooke created her signature "Booty Burn" workout which she teaches in Malibu. She is the founder of the Brooke Burke Body fitness app, encouraging women to sweat smart, live consciously and transform their bodies. Available onall platforms.
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The Brooke Burke Show

It may take a village to raise a child, but who’s minding the adults? With guests including authors, celebrities, chefs, inspirational women and close friends, Brooke's podcast dives into health, fitness, relationships, food, beauty, aging, spiritual wellness, parenting and maybe even a little sex. Or maybe a lot. Just like life itself, there’s no predicting, because it’s all on the table in a freewheeling, light-hearted, transparent discussion about the things that matter most.
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Author and Philanthropist

Brooke inked two books, “The Naked Mom” and Chicken Soup for the Soul's "The Joy of Less.” She is also the founder and creator of BabooshBaby.com and the Co-CEO of the social mom website ModernMom.com.
Brooke is a philanthropist and advocate for children. Eight years ago, she became a “Smile Ambassador” for Operation Smile for which she currently sits on the board. She also actively participates in World of Children and UNICEF efforts.


Brooke is a mother of four and has always been respected and known for her authenticity and candor as a woman.

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