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I am a breathwork teacher ... and I can’t wait
to meet you!

This is me!

I am an author, a cancer survivor, an entrepreneur, a fitness educator, a philanthropist and television personality. Forbes even recognized me as one of America’s Top 10 moms to follow on social media! After winning season seven of Dancing with the Stars, I went on to host the show for eight seasons. But BB Body is the real manifestation of my lifelong passion for self‑care, health, and fitness for
EVERY body.

Together, we can do anything!

I am so excited to be sharing
this journey
with you!

I am a big believer in achievable goals because I understand the impact of small successes and incremental change. That’s why my programs, from bite-sized burns to 4‑week challenges, are designed to be both efficient and effective. You won’t need to rearrange your whole life. You can workout anywhere from your kitchen to your backyard. And the only equipment you’ll need is a bottle of water.

Health and happiness go
hand in hand!

Of course, there is more to being our best selves than taking care of our bodies. That’s why one of my goals is to encourage you to make mindfulness and gratitude an integral part of your daily ritual. And that includes appreciating the beauty and strength and potential of the body we already have. Remember, it’s all about the journey, not the destination.

We got this!

“You cannot change your body until you do some thing different every day.”

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Words to live by…

Practice self-care.

We are worthy of exceptional care. Unfortunately, self-care doesn’t come naturally to most of us. It requires a daily recommitment to discipline and perseverance. But maintaining our physical and mental health is what allows us to achieve our goals and support our loved ones.

Be kind to yourself.

Thoughts are powerful. Words matter. And our bodies are not only listening, they believe us. We must shift our inner dialogue and extend ourselves the same love and compassion that we so freely give others. Negative self-talk is a mind game that is not worth playing.

Stay connected.

The journey to fitness is easier – and more fun – with a strong community of support. Let’s go together! Workout partners encourage us, keep us accountable, and motivate us to push further than we think we can go. They help us last through the burn and smile while we sweat.

Prepare to succeed.

Stock up on healthy smoothie, snack, and meal ingredients. Carve out a digital workout space, complete with a yoga mat, water bottle, and motivational playlist. And put yourself on the schedule. This simple foundation sets you up for success. You are going to be absolutely amazing!

Get uncomfortable.

Change is beautiful. Stretch yourself, exhale, and let it burn. If we continue to do what we have always done, we will never grow. Accept where you have been, visualize where you are going, and meet yourself with love and compassion in your present space. Lean in to new possibilities.

Eat mindfully.

I believe in developing a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable. That means establishing bouu being disciplined on mossys, and allowing ourselves a bit of grace. Portion control matters. Hydration is key. And fueling our bodies with nutritious choices gives us energy and helps us focus.

Movement, breath, rhythm & sweat will change you.

Don’t underestimate these simplicities. I am breathwork teacher because it changed my life. I love to dance because I know the rhythm transports us to a different space. And I know that sweat, like tears, will shift you energetically.

The way we move through physical challenges shapes our body and releases energy. Never compromise form. Listen to your body. Trust that strength will come. And know that balance comes easily on some days and falters on others. Fitness isn’t perfect. Keep trying.

When you begin to connect the dots between mind, body, and spirit, you will discover a wellness union on the other side.

Our Mission

Our bodies are so precious that it seems we ought to take care of them. That’s why a mindful fitness commitment goes beyond the physical side of managing our well-being. Brooke Burke Body is a holistic health and wellness program for the mind, body & spirit. We understand that self-care is a daily practice, that everyone’s desires and lifestyles are different, and that we can all become our best, most powerful selves.

We also believe that fitness can be fun. By establishing attainable goals, sweating smart, and committing to self-care, we can transform our bodies. And by leaning into connection, community, and self-compassion, we can evolve. Inspiration, motivation, and perspiration pave the way.

Our personalized program will make you fall in love with fitness and start crushing on yourself! BB body is your digital gym. You deserve a better workout. Our BODY focus burns are waiting for you. You are worthy!

Let’s do it together!

Brooke & the BB Body Family