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Brooke Burke Reveals Why It’s Important for Her to ‘Take Little Tech Breaks’ From Her Phone, Shares Summer Workout Routine

Since Brooke Burke is a public figure and runs her own business, Brooke Burke Body, she has learned she needs to put her phone away at certain times to help with her mental health.

“It’s hard because I share bits of my personal life online, so I always want to keep honest in my own practice, but I am trying to take little breaks,” the 51-year-old exclusively tells OK! prior to getting ready to launch her next 21-day fitness challenge, all tied to the summer months. “I put my phone on ‘do not disturb’ at night, so I won’t be disturbed from the hours of 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. — that’s a 12-hour break. I put my phone on airplane mode every single night, and I make my kids do it too. Also, check your screen time — it’s pretty shocking. That allows you to create change.”

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“I am taking bite size tech breaks during the day to give my brain a rest,” she adds. “I’m doing things that are intentional, including yoga or listening to music rather than staring at my screen.”

The fitness guru admits when she has people over for dinner, she never lets anybody have their device. “The same goes when I am dining out with my girlfriends. I would rather eat with other friends who aren’t on their phones so we can connect. I am pretty tough like that,” she notes. “Sometimes when my friends are on social media, I ask myself, ‘What about this good old fashioned connection?'”

Luckily, all of her pals are on the same page when it comes to disconnecting. “I think my girlfriends and I really appreciate that time,” she says. “It’s a commitment we have to each other, and it’s valuable. I want to talk and have a human connection, so I would rather be with the people I am with than be on my phone.”

In the meantime, the brunette beauty, who is engaged to Scott Rigsby, is all about encouraging others to get in tip-top shape for the summer months. “I’m obsessed with this program, and it takes about 21 days to develop a habit, so we’re trying to develop a lifestyle that is sustainable for the whole year. We’re introducing more of an intentional wellness approach,” she shares. “Brooke Burke Body evolved in the last year to Brooke Burke Body and Soul. We’re trying to have more of an intentional approach to wellness overall, so we’re adding daily meditation to get more connected to one’s self.”

“We’re also counting on the Brooke Burke Body for connection. I am doing digital meetups — it’s the first time we’ve ever done that,” she continues. “With this program, we meet together on Zoom from my house, which has been really fun to hold each other accountable. We’re also doing live Zoom classes once a week. In the past year, we’ve discovered we need accountability, community, and we need to get connected in order to accomplish all of our goals. There’s a downloadable PDF on my website with the program that has 21 new recipes, there’s detox tips, my summer-must haves, which includes Magic Mind.”

The new product was designed for a long-term boost in energy, cognition and stress management. “It’s sweet and tastes great. I am kind of calling it my productivity shot. I keep it cold in the fridge and throw it in my beach bag or gym bag, and I’ll do the shot right after I work out. It gives me a little brain fuel,” she says.

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The TV host believes three weeks is doable when setting a goal. “I don’t like quick fixes, and I don’t like to cheat the system. The more energy we create, the more we’re going to do, and the more energy we’re going to have. Fitness has to be fun,” she declares. “You need a community, and in 21 days, you’re going to evolve and want to do more.”

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In the meantime, Burke, who is heading to Hawaii with Rigsby and his family later this summer, is looking forward to her two retreats occurring in September. “It’s an amazing time for women. I am doing them at a wellness spa in Arizona. It’s an amazing opportunity for women to carve our three to four days to check out of their world and tap into a space of intentional wellness. We will do workshops, circle healing and a lot of body sculpting.”

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