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Brooke Burke Shares Some Of Her Summer Must-Haves!

Brooke Burke‘s 21-Day Challenge isn’t only about physical wellness. She shares some of her favorite must-have items, products, and routines to help keep your summer on the right track to all-around wellness.

Brooke Burke Shares Her Summer Must-Haves!

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Everyone loves a good tip or trick, right? Burke knows this and wants to help her fans by sharing some of the things that help her have a successful summer of wellness.

“People want tips and tricks and takeaways. I feel like people always want to know the tips and tricks and secrets of the industry as well, so I’m always reviewing different products and I feel like there’s so much out there to sypher through,” she exclusively told The Blast.

“So, I don’t really associate myself or really share any information on products that I’m not really using and responding to.”

With that said, she has a list of products that she does use and wants to share her wealth of knowledge with others.

Some Health And Fitness Summer Must-Haves For Brooke Burke

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One important supplement that Burke feels is a “must-have” is Tru Niagen. It’s something she takes all year long.

“It’s a supplement for my cells. I take it every single day. I’ll even double dose if I’m feeling run down,” she said. “I think summer is a time of more decadence, more entertaining, more traveling so it’s really important for me that I’m mindful about what I put into my body.”

Another supplement she swears by is a ketone shot, which she takes before working out. She explained that it gives her “an amazing burst of energy, also some brain clarity.”

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Her list of must-haves don’t only focus on health and wellness of the body, but also of the mind.

Burke recently collaborated with a company called “Intelligent Change.” They have inspirational note cards and journals that she includes in her retreat swag bags. Journaling has become another must-have for the summer.

“I love the journals, because I’m making myself journal every day. And I’m trying to do it either top of the morning, which is my favorite time, or sometimes I’ll do it at the end of the day,” she said.

“But it’s just a really nice time to take a moment, look inward, stay accountable and connected with self. I’m really enjoying that. I think journaling becomes the story of your life.”

Have Yoga Mat, Will Travel!

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Another summer must-have for the fitness guru and actress is a yoga mat. If Burke has a yoga mat while traveling, her wellness goals don’t have to take a vacation when she does.

“If I’m traveling and I have a yoga mat, I can get some light hand weights anywhere I am, I can design that digital gym anywhere in the world and not compromise my wellness goals,” she explained to The Blast. “I think for summer, finding something that you can do on the go is really, really important.”

Another must have that goes along with the yoga mat is some exercise content, downloaded in advance.

“Get yourself a digital program that you enjoy, bring your playlist, download it before you go, and I think that helps keep you motivated for summer,” she added.

Ankle weights are also important for Burke, so she can kick up her workout routine wherever she may be.

“Ankle weights are amazing. They’re always in my gym bag,” she said. “And I’m using a one or two-pound ankle weight and it’s really help tone and tighten the booty, so that’s really important.”

Let’s Talk Skin!

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“Summertime, I think is a really amazing time to take care of your skin. It’s a really important time to stay hydrated, and it’s a really important time I think in beauty also that less is more. You know, we’re traveling, we’re packing our beach bags. So summer must-haves for me are about energy, they’re about hydration, and they’re also about skin fitness.”

Because summer weather can be tough on skin, some other must-haves for Burke include dry brushing, getting in the sauna, and staying hydrated.

“I do that during the summer because our skin gets dull. We’re using a lot of sunscreen, we’re exposed to more sunlight I think than usual and if you’re not staying hydrated our skin gets dried out. So one of the greatest things we can do for our skin is hydrate, water, water, water.”

For more of Burke’s summer must-haves, as well as recipes, tips and information about her 21-Day Challenge, check out the downloadable handbook.

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