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‘Find Something That You Love Doing’: Fitness Guru Brooke Burke Reveals Her Quick Tips On How To Get Into Shape

It’s not always easy to get up and work out, but fitness guru Brooke Burke reveals her tips and tricks on how to get into shape — just in time for summer!

brooke burke fitness


However, if that is not the right fit, then the TV personality exclusively tells OK! to “commit to a program, find a challenge [or] do [something] with a partner.”

“Just commit and start small, find something that you love doing,” she reveals. “Something small is better than doing nothing, especially as we go into summer. Just be kind to your body and commit to a challenge.”


Ultimately, Burke’s favorite part of her job is whipping people into shape and getting to bond with them on a deeper level — even if it’s only through a screen.


“I love designing those for people who don’t know where or how to start,” she shares. “Home workouts are more important now than ever, so I hope we have that opportunity to connect. There is something for everybody — every fitness level on my app. It’s free for seven days, so just try it!”

As for how the star maintains her fit physique, she tries to “celebrate herself” every day.

“If we took care of ourselves as well as we took care of our children and our families, what a difference that would make,” she says. “We give to everyone, and we give less to ourselves. Find things that feel good, learn how to take care of yourself better, whether it’s with friends or your partner, or finding some health and wellness program that you can do at home.”



She adds, “I feel like this year has been all about that — especially in my world — because I am constantly creating and choreographing new content for women at home. But it’s all possible, we just have to make ourselves a priority.”

brooke burke fitness


The mom-of-four turns 50 this year — yes, really! — but she isn’t afraid of aging. In fact, she’s embracing it.


“I feel better now in my life than ever,” she exclaims. “I wish there was a secret, but what I have learned is how to care for my body, how to workout to create energy and the value of optimal living and longevity so that I can have energy for decades to come.”

Additionally, Burke has a secret weapon: Tru Niagen.


“I mix the Tru Niagen Stickpacks in my coffee every morning, and it helps me sustain my energy all day,” she says. “My relationship with Tru Niagen began very organically. I’m a little bit of a biohacking geek, so I’m always researching different things to promote healthy aging. I learned of Tru Niagen about five years ago and have been taking it ever since. I find that it really helps me sustain my energy and even recover faster from workouts.”

She continues, “As we age, our bodies produce less of a coenzyme known as NAD+ which creates cellular energy and supports cellular repair. Tru Niagen replaces the NAD+ our bodies lack as we get older which promotes healthy aging and increases your energy.”


If you want to order Burke’s anti-aging secret weapon, visit and use the code: BrookeB10.

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