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Brooke Burke EXCLUSIVE: The star, 51, reveals the ONE exercise that makes a difference: ‘It can really change your body if you do two minutes a day’

Brunette bombshell Brooke Burke has shared the one exercise that can change your body.

Lately the 51-year-old TV host has been doing a plank challenge on her app Brooke Burke Body.

‘The workout is really hard but it has so many benefits. It kicks up your metabolism. It carves out your core,’ said the Dancing With The Stars veteran who has been promoting her Longevity brand. ‘It develops upper body strength. It’s really, really, challenging, so it’s a great sense of accomplishment.’

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And if you do even just a few minutes a day, it can do wonders.

‘I can’t say that it’s one thing, but planks, if you do two minutes of planks everyday it will change your body,’ added the ex of Baywatch actor Dave Charvet.

She also talked a new method.

‘I’m also really into Mantra movement which is positive dialogue weaved into rhythm and body movement. I need to break a great sweat in my workouts. So, for me it’s a total body, head-to-toe and body sculpting burn.’

The TV host talked exclusively with to promote Longevity By Brooke Burke Body that sells plant-based superfoods.

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Another healthy trick? Turns out the beauty never lets herself get ‘hangry’ as she relies on small but healthy snacks to keep her from indulging in bad choices.

And she also keeps all her eating within a certain window of time as she is an intermittent faster.

When she gets the munchies, she gives in.

‘I’m not a big snacker but time spent in the car to and from school and sports is a really easy time to want to snack on something,’ said the mother of four.

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But she snacks only in her window.

‘I intermittent fast so as long as I stick with my eating and resting window then I don’t think it really matters.

‘What I love about intermittent fasting is that it gives you a little bit more wiggle room and grace in your eating window, so I don’t feel guilty if I’m hungry and I need a little afternoon pick me up.

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‘So, I guess the answer is no, I don’t really believe in the theory that you must stop snacking at a certain point in the day.’

And she is careful with what food she picks up.

‘I am a diligent label reader. I think we must be. There’s so much crap out there, especially with packaged food,’ said the Playboy cover girl.

‘I’ve been in the lab myself, creating this product and watching the development. I’m really proud of the high integrity of the ingredients that are in this brand. It tastes great and it doesn’t have anything that we don’t need in the blend.’

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Now that the holidays are approaching, Brooke is being careful.

She enjoys seasonal foods.

‘I’m a big gardener so it makes me really happy to pick from my garden to bring that love and organic ambiance into my kitchen for my family,’ said Brooke.

‘I love fall root vegetables. Beets. Butternut squash soup. I love pumpkin! I love the smell of pumpkin and spice. I love cinnamon and nutmeg in my fall smoothies.

‘Frozen pears instead of bananas are a really yummy option. I like warm comfort food as well. Summer is crunchier foods and colors of the rainbow. And the holidays are a little more root veggie and baked dinners.’

Usually people crave carbs in the fall, but she has a way to get around that.

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‘I think when people crave carbs, there’s something going on in their body that they need or not giving it. One thing I love about shaking up the smoothie scene with Longevity is that it’s really satisfying when you give your body what it’s craving.

‘But if you’re going to eat more carbs, up your cardio.

‘If you’re trying to drop some pounds, break a sweat more often. But if you’re really craving carbs, give yourself a cheat day to enjoy something like a pizza and then get back on your plan.’

Brooke also said that it is other women who inspire her.

‘The women that I journey with in fitness really motivate me. We push each other. We show up for each other. We hold each other accountable. We also laugh together, sweat together, and encourage each other. We yell at each other in class and cheer each other on. I think fitness is way more fun when you do it with someone who inspires you.’

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Now the star is backing Longevity. ‘My favorite flavor is Cacao. I put two scoops, sometimes three a day in my shakes.

‘We have so many great recipes coming out; fall smoothies, quick afternoon snacks, winter shakes that are flavorful and sweet that also make a great dessert replacement.

‘And I get everything I need with two scoops of Longevity. I used to put five different supplements in my shake and I don’t do that anymore thanks to Longevity. This product really fuels my body.’

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