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When It Comes to Your Health, Every Day Should Be Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is here again! It is a day of celebration. A day of relaxation. A day to put ourselves first. It’s the one day of the year that us Moms get to do whatever we want. But when it comes to health and wellness, I believe every day should be Mother’s Day, and we should begin to give ourselves the many loving gifts we so naturally give to our children. Let’s remember how much we matter and that true unconditional love begins inside ourselves.

I know what you are thinking: ‘That’s easy for you to say, B. You’re a celebrity.’ While it is true that I have spent the past 30 of my life in front of the camera, I face the same issues that you do. And let me remind you, there is no chef, no personal trainer, no driver, just yours truly – crushing it!

Mommy-ing 4 ain’t easy! I work full-time. And I live in one of the busiest cities in America. Just the thought of carving out me-time, getting in the car, and sitting in traffic to make it to a class was daunting enough to make me redirect my precious energy before I even got behind the wheel. But I do believe in taking care of myself with the same passion and commitment that I give to my family. I am worth it.

Optimal living and longevity begin with self-care. That’s why I created the Brooke Burke Body health and fitness app. It’s a transformation opportunity for all of us. And it’s about so much more than fitness. It’s about complete well-being. It’s made for busy moms like us with workouts at every skill level in as short as five minutes. It’s for every BODY!

You’ve probably heard of snackable content – short videos that give you quick and effective body-changing actions. Well, this is snackable, stackable content so you can work out anywhere, anytime, without any special equipment. You can even combine workouts to make them achievable while the kids are napping, doing schoolwork, and even in the kitchen while preparing dinner.

There is enormous value in taking time for YOU every day, whether it’s a workout, meditation, stretching, or all of the above. Committing to make time is the first, and often the hardest, step. But to be your best you, you must make time for you. Today. Every day. Brooke Burke Body is a mindful fitness guide and transformation tool. We can do this together!

Try these tips to freshen up your fitness routine.

  1. Plan Your Me Time. In other words, stop thinking about taking the time for yourself and start doing it. Put time on your schedule for yourself every day. Whether it’s five minutes of meditation or 50 minutes of sweating, schedule the time on your calendar just like you would a business meeting or a doctor’s appointment for your child. After all, to be your best, you must feel your best.
  2. Sweat Smart. If the pandemic taught us nothing else, it taught us to be smarter with our time and money. In the time it takes you to drive to or from a gym or studio, you can fit in a full-body workout from the comfort and safety of your home. Sweating smart is all about using what’s available to us in the moment to get in a daily sweat session. So, grab that water bottle to help sculpt your arms or use the couch you’re sitting on right now to tone your legs and glutes.
  3. Break it into Bite-Sized Burns. There are no rules when it comes to the length of a workout. I love bite-sized burns that focus on compound movements that work multiple body parts together. In just five minutes you can target-tone your booty or arms, and in as little as fifteen minutes, you can get a complete, full-body workout.
  4. Don’t Forget Your Mental Health. When we talk about whole-body wellness, it’s important to remember your mind. As a certified breathwork coach, I know how important it is to slow down and focus on your breath. Our minds, like the rest of our bodies, need time to recover. Taking the time to be still and breathe is just as important as the time put into working up a sweat. In stillness, we can begin to discover. Fitness begins in the spirit and fuels the body.

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