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3 Easy Ways to Stay Committed to Wellness During Quarantine

While it may seem like more downtime would create a seamless transition into a world of self-care and increased focus on wellness goals, for many self-isolators, quarantine has been anything but. Many of us are feeling lost, confused, and just plain sad about the state of things, and if there’s one thing that’s hard to do when you’re feeling low, it’s to stay committed.

There’s nothing “wrong” or unusual with losing sight of your wellness for a short period of time, but leave yourself on the back burner for too long and all that extra downtime can start to make you feel really…down.

If you’ve been struggling to stay on track lately—whether it’s meeting fitness goals or just increasing your overall health and wellness—it can’t hurt to have a few tips and tricks to set your mind and body on the right course. You can’t control the health of the world around you, but you can take charge of your own wellness. Start with these 3 simple health hacks and enjoy your journey. You got this.


Connect with an Online Community 

In such an insular time, togetherness seems like an impossibility, a luxury from a life long gone. Many of us took solace in our weekly workout classes or the like, gaining strength from our peers shared exertion and commitment.

Being alone with your struggle is hardcore; it’s tough to be your own cheerleader and working out in a cramped living room just doesn’t feel the same as a dimly lit studio with a thumping bassline and custom post-workout smoothie waiting for you on the other side. If a community is what you crave, tap into the Brooke Burke Body community. We have a forum where you can leave comments, ask questions, and find like-minded people looking to improve their health. Tapping into the group can help you stay accountable and crush your goals.  Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help; the only thing stopping you from your goals is a simple hello to the group!


Do Bite-size Burns

At the end of a long day, the idea of exerting yourself to a strenuous full-body workout can throw many people off exercising completely. To combat fitness fatigue, try to find at least one “mini-workout” move you can commit to doing each day. These should be super quick and simple, something you can throw in between meetings or before your morning coffee! You may not break much of a sweat, but once you’re already going, you may find the idea of completing 20 or 30 more minutes of exercise much less daunting.

Try any of the following just once a day and see how much better you feel:

  • Walk Around the Block: PIck a quick route in your neighborhood. Maybe it passes by your favorite home or some beautiful landscaping you admire. You can make it just a 10-minute stroll to get some blood flowing. 
  • Squats: Try starting with 20 a day and if starts to feel too easy, try upping your set by 5 or 10.
  • Push-Ups: If push-ups scare you, start at a goal of 50 per day, separated into 2 intervals of 25 – If 50 is below your max, push yourself to 75 or even 80. Find intervals that work best for your work-flow to maximize your results!
  • Planks: My personal favorite mini-workout is what I have dubbed the “3 Minute Plank” because it’s exactly what is sounds like: a plank held for 3 minutes straight. It’s harder\ than it sounds but, finding the perfect 3 minute song to sweat along to is always something I enjoy and it’s a great way to work your whole body super quickly.

Once you get your body flowing, doing a 5-minute booty burn or 10-minute arm exercise might seem even more approachable. BB Body offers you these bite-size burns to make exercising more attainable for anyone, no matter how motivated you’re feeling. 


Practice Mindfulness

It may sound redundant as mindfulness and other meditative practices are part of self-care, but devoting just a few minutes every day to connect your breath and body, set intentions for the day, and just live in the moment, can change your wellbeing for the best.

Breathwork is one extremely simple way to exercise mindfulness and clear your mind of stress and noise. Try setting aside 10 minutes for intentional

breathing. Stress and sadness can give way to so many unhealthy habits: binge eating is a common problem for many people, as is general lethargy. Losing track of the days and losing track of fitness goals tend to go hand in hand; taking care of yourself can start to feel like an extra burden in an already overwhelming time.

Before starting, try to pick a neutral location that isn’t used for work; your environment should feel stress-free and energetically open. Leave any devices behind to help you focus inward more effectively and make sure you are able to be alone and peaceful. Whether you complete the full 10 minutes or can only make it through 3, just showing up for yourself will make all the difference.


Take the time to give yourself attention, nourishment, and love. If your self-care for the day is cozying up with a good book and a cookie, do it! If it’s setting aside time to map out your long-term wellness goals, get to it. As long as you commit to nourishing your body and soul with equal fervor, you can’t go wrong.

So go out and find your tribe, slay those push-ups, and get your life! Your journey is uniquely yours and it’s waiting for you to find it, all you need to do is take the first steps.

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