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Morning Rituals + My Morning Meditation Playlist

How do you start your mornings?

A positive morning routine is key to a productive day and a healthy mindset. It sets the tone for the day and is a reflection of your personal commitments. In our super busy schedules, a mindful morning is a great way to bring it back to center, set personal goals, and set ourselves up for success.

The pandemic shift has allowed me to squeeze in some alone time at the top of the morning before the kids need anything.

First, before I rise, I ask myself two questions:
What kind of dishonoring agreements are you subscribing to?
What is in the way of becoming more of yourself?

I then take five minutes to silently create moments of gratitude. Some people may pray some people may meditate, but I prefer a silent practice of stating all the things in my life I’m grateful for—simple things like sunshine, fresh air, community, family, opportunities, and signs that I can recognize, love, health, a strong body, and more.

Next, I listen to an affirmation song or as much as my morning meditation playlist that time allows.

Then, I drink a glass of water with lemon. On most days I drink celery juice, but one thing is for sure—I always have my coffee. Once I am motivated hydrated and caffeinated I’m ready to start my day.

A personally designed morning meditation looks different for all of us. Meet yourself with compassion as every day is different. But if you can set your intentions you can crush your goals every day.

Think of three things you’re grateful for today. Three things you need to accomplish today. Three personal commitments that you will not compromise today. Our fitness journey is a day-by-day commitment.

Experiment with what works for you in the morning. Some people do their exercise routine first thing in the morning. Others use the morning to meditate and do a gratitude practice. Whatever works for you, set it and make it a habit.

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