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How to Cultivate Digital Intentionality

Just as the digital detox trend was on the rise, the realities of a pandemic made living online a necessity. In our stay-at-home reality, video calls, apps, and social media are often the only way we connect with work, school, friends, and family. Once putting aside our phones for deeper human connection, now it’s often our only connection. 

Even if the digital world is our main lifeline, controlling how we let tech into our lives is an essential part of maintaining personal health and wellbeing. We can still bring it into our lives with intentionality.

Any time you bring out your phone, tablet or computer, take a minute to ask yourself:

  • What do I need to use this for?
  • Is this how I want to spend my time at this moment?
  • Will I be using it to help me meet the goals I set out for the day?
  • Will I feel better afterward?

Depending on your answer, you can feel good about how you use your time with tech. 

Here are some other tips for using digital devices that balance benefits while curbing negative impacts.

  1. Focus on apps that improve your daily routines, health, and wellbeing. We’ve seen so many wonderful ways that tech has fostered our ability to stay healthy and safe, from fitness, meditation and nutrition apps to virtual healthcare and therapy. I see my Brooke Burke Body app as my way of connecting with all of you, and an outlet to keep you motivated for self-care during quarantine. Exercise and eating well are so crucial to keeping up your immunity and overall happiness. My app and so many others are there to support you.
  2. Create phone-free times. Just because work is your home, and home is your work doesn’t mean you can’t have boundaries. Find times where you can set your phone aside. Make dinner time a no phone zone to be mindful as you eat and present with any loved ones who are quarantining with you. Or set a time on the weekend to spend an hour outdoors without your phone. Even during thr work week, set your phone aside for an hour each day to get focused work done.
  3. Keep your bedroom a rest nest. Your bedroom is meant for relaxation, and more harm than good comes from bringing your phone into it. The blue light can keep you awake, and just the presence of your phone near your bed can hurt intimacy. If you use your phone as an alarm clock, consider using an old-school alarm clock instead. Your zzz’s are essential in your ability to focus, maintaining immunity, and overall wellness. 

How do you bring mindfulness to your digital life?

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