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Countdown to Summer 2020

I’ve been thinking about community, connection and our collective digital energy. This Mother’s Day reminded me of all the common denominators women share. We come from a higher love, we feel from a deeper place and our love is unconditional. We connect with empathy, our commitments are tireless and our female devotion is timeless. What a blessing it is to have the BB Body community to share and celebrate one another. 

Fitness is not often an isolated journey. Our global live stream connection has given me the same collective energy that I experience when I teach my Malibu Booty Burn🔥 class. 

Thank you for joining me each week for the live streams. My house has become my new class. And I love having you over!  Colombia, Australia, France, wow!  Sweat truly has no borders. 

This week begins the 30 day countdown to summer and I want you to know that I’m right here for you to encourage you, uplift you, and join you every challenging  step of the way.

 At 48 years old and a mother of four, I know how to stay in shape year-round, self-motivate, and accomplish my fitness goals. I want to offer you some mindful activities to do this month, questions to ponder, that will help set you up for success. 

Let’s define what it takes to succeed. Take a moment to think about these 5 things:

  1. FAITH. You gotta believe you can do it.
  2. VISION. Know your fitness purpose.
  3. TIME. Now we have it, no more excuses.
  4. COMMITMENT. You are so worth it. How do you do anything, is how you do everything.
  5. THE PLAN. We’ve got you covered. Your weekly workout schedule is designed to target trouble areas and body sculpt head to toe.

Remember, the mind body union is so important. Let’s begin a sexy summer together in the best shape of our lives!


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