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Try This 8 Minute Equipment-Free Workout For Some Simple Midday Self-Care

Self-care can look like so many things: a quiet moment alone stolen in between Zoom calls, reminders to do the little executive function things (eating, sleeping and hygiene) or maybe something more luxurious and new age-y like a sound bath. For Brooke Burke, trainer and Dancing With The Stars vet, finding joyful ways to connect your mind, body and spirit (even while at-home without fancy gym equipment) is one of her favorite ways to practice self-care — and following her appearance on our self-care panel “Filling the Well” at SK Conversations: New Year, Now You, Burke treated the audience to a quick and satisfying workout that anyone can try from their own home.

Equipment-free workouts like the one Brooke did at the event are a great way to infuse a bit more movement and mindfulness into your day. Even if you’re not looking to really break a sweat, getting a couple minutes to catch up with yourself — your breath, your limbs, maybe getting your heart beating a little bit faster — can help bust all sorts of stress.

So follow along with Burke in our video above — it’s less than 10 minutes of your life! — and see if you don’t feel your jaw unclench, your shoulders loosen and your mood boost.

If you loved Brooke’s workout and want more, be sure to check out her fitness community Brooke Burke Body — for even more wellness content, tips and support.

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