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Brooke Burke’s Top Wellness Tips for Looking and Feeling Great at 50

She swears by two self-care practices that are super easy to incorporate into your routine.

  • Brooke Burke shares the two self-care practices she swears by to look and feel her best, no matter what life throws her way.
  • The 50-year-old mother of four shares insight into how the pandemic has shifted her thinking, and the importance of managing stress.
  • “We still have to figure out how to balance that stress and stress of that togetherness again.”

At 50-years-old, Brooke Burke recognizes the importance of prioritizing mental health and wellbeing. These days with a fitness program (including an app that is chock full of guided workouts and meditations), she’s easing into a more open world post (or during) COVID-19. Her top takeaway from the past 18-plus months? The importance of self-care.

“I think it’s been a real conscious shift that’s been necessary, to be honest,” she says of the ways in which the pandemic has changed the pace of the world, forcing us all to slow down. “We still have to figure out how to balance that stress and stress of that togetherness again.”

Burke, a certified breathwork teacher, a paid spokesperson for supplement brand Tru Niagen, creator of wellness app meets fitness program Brooke Burke Body (BB Body), and mother of four, leans heavily on her self-care ritual to manage stress.

“My favorite part is taking five minutes in the morning to set yourself up, to crush your day, to balance stress. Taking a little me time,” she says. With her new holiday program, Burke is emphasizing mindfulness, even sharing some meditative playlists to “just to kind of go inward and go inside and take a moment for yourself. That’s a big part of mindful fitness for me, and everything that we do on my app, is connecting those dots… body, spirit, soul,” she tells “We have to take time for ourselves.”

The one thing, besides meditation, that she credits with keeping her mind clear during these stressful times? A simple soak.

“I create home spas, which is…epsom salts and flowers from the garden. I light a candle, I know how to check out of my world on a stressful day and sort of reset. So I think for women that’s a really really important part of just managing all of the things that we do.”

She doesn’t waste her time with luxe, overly produced bath salts, either. Instead she opts for simple over-the-counter Epsom salts. “I buy basic generic inexpensive Epsom salt, it’s the same stuff. And then I’ll put lavender drops or eucalyptus drops in my bath, I’ll light my favorite candles.”

Dermatologists and physical therapists have long lauded Epsom salts for their restorative properties. “While Epsom salt is a type of salt, it’s very different from the stuff you sprinkle into your soup. The salt, scientifically referred to as magnesium sulfate, is known for its healing properties. When dissolved into a bath, it can help relax musclesand gently exfoliate the skin, Ana Cristina Laureano, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist at Scherl Dermatology in New Jersey, previously told Prevention.

At the end of the day, Burke says these Epsom soaks (which she does weekly), can really change the way you go about your day. “It’s about music lighting, the warmth, and the recovery of Epsom salt, and you know Epsom salt will also reset your mood,” she says. “I’m a big believer in that reset.”

“I’m a big believer in that reset.”

And it’s clearly working for Burke. We can’t wait to add a weekly soak to our self-care routine rotation.

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