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Brooke Burke’s Number One Tip For Making Planks Easier – Exclusive

Planks are hard. The exercise works abdominal muscles to the max and can be compared to a classic push-up. There are many variations of planks — plank jacks, pulse planks, side planks — but a traditional plank is performed anywhere from 30 seconds to two minutes with one’s hands flat on the ground and shoulder-length apart.

In theory, this sounds like any easy feat. In reality, planks can be one of the most challenging moves in fitness. Exercise personality Brooke Burke explained how much planks can transform the body. In an exclusive interview with Health Digest, the fitness guru revealed she fully embraced planks this past year because it helps core strength and the metabolism.

Burke, who is well-known for posting workout videos and teaches live classes on Brooke Burke Body, even initiated a plank challenge last year in which she started at 30 seconds. Now, she is able to hold for a minute and a half, and she explains to Health Digest her secret to holding her form.

Count what you are grateful for

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In order to push oneself through a plank, Brooke Burke advises people to practice “planks and thanks.”

“It’s hard, but we do this concept, ‘planks and thanks,'” Burke said, “where you use all 10 fingers and you tap all fingers — pinky to thumb — 10 things you’re grateful for while you’re in your plank, grounded by your hands.” For Burke, this improves a restrictive mindset and focuses on the positives in life.

“By the time you get done with your 10 — and maybe you run it a few times — you’re done with your minute; you’ve changed your body,” Burke said. Burke also recommends performing a plank for 30 seconds every day to see results.

“None of us love them,” the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant said. “We actually like them now because we’ve been doing this fun thing, but let it be hard and live in that space of challenge because where there’s challenge, there’s strength.”

Burke additionally took NAD+ supplements from Tru Niagen to promote a healthy metabolism and replenish her energy.

To learn more about Tru Niagen’s NAD+ supplements and other products, visit their website. Check out Brooke Burke’s website to access her workout offerings.

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