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Brooke Burke swears by these supplements to keep her enviable body in top shape

When it comes to getting on track with our health and wellness, it can feel more overwhelming than empowering on most days.

From choosing between the newest fad diet plans, supplements that claim to solve every ailment and offer every cellular benefit and new workout crazes that involve everything from strobe lights to live DJs, there’s no one clearcut way to get “healthy.”

For model and fitness guru Brooke Burke, it’s all about prioritization — the key is choosing products and methods that make things easier without taking any shortcuts.

The Brooke Burke Body app creator recently took to Instagram to share how she’s using personal supplements through Persona Nutrition to keep her on track:

AOL Lifestyle caught up with Brooke to talk about all things wellness — from balancing being a mom, a fitness guru and, simply put, a woman who knows when to put herself first:

AOL: What are the benefits of using personalized supplements? What made you want to make the switch?

Brooke Burke: “I’m always super-conscious with what I eat and with what I put into my body. I thought it was a really interesting and innovative new way of getting vitamins and getting supplements. I loved how extensive Persona Nutrition’s online survey was and it took into consideration a lot of other things that I’m doing with my wellness needs — sleep patterns, medications … I thought that was really unique and different.

A lot of people just buy supplements that they think we need … now I have one little tear-away packet that I take daily, which is awesome when I’m on the-go and for travel — it’s super simple, it took all the decisions away. I think we need that in a time when we’re being bombarded by different products in the marketplace.”

AOL: How do you make sure you’re getting all of your nutritional needs outside of your supplements and vitamins?

BB: “I try to eat really consciously and make mindful choices. I’ve been intermittent fasting for a couple of years, it’s working great for me. I try to eat healthy and fresh … I’m big on high quality fats and mindful foods, farm to fresh, farm to table when I can. I try to eat organic and I cook a lot, which also makes life easier for my family. As far as supplements go I’m not really taking anything outside my daily pack.

There’s a lot of talk about different products, like collagen and energy boosters and what not. I think it’s a good habit to get into and I think 95 percent of our wellness is what we put into our body.

Fitness was a big part of my professional life but I’m very respectful and mindful of the idea that it starts from within. I try to take the best care of myself from head to toe whether it’s my skin my supplements, my energy, my cardio, my fitness routine — everything goes hand in hand.”

AOL: What does the word ‘wellness’ mean to you?

BB: “I think it’s the mind-body union. I definitley think it starts within, wellness is a state of mind. I’ve been teaching and educating women in that space. Energy makes us feel good — the better we feel, the more we work out, the more we work out, the better we feel. It’s a lifestyle for me — I don’t believe in quick fixes and I don’t believe in fad diets — I don’t believe in getting in bikini shape a couple weeks before summer. I really think you have to make a personal commitment to your health and wellness all year. And it’s even simple things like our yearly physical and taking advantage of medical information that can provide us with everything we need to live a long and healthy life. I have four kids so my plan is to be healthy and strong as I can be for many years to come, if I’m lucky!”

AOL: How do you try to instill the importance of wellness within in your children?

BB: “I try to lead by example I try to educate my children. I shop with them, I cook with them, I love to spend time in the kitchen … I feel like it’s my role as a parent and as a woman to provide them with great mindful choices in my household. And they’re kids, so I always tell people I break the rules a little. I think it’s about developing a lifestyle that’s sustainable and thats just about making conscious choices.”

AOL: Any advice for new moms who have fallen off the wellness train and want to get back on track?

BB: We all do and we’re human, so I think self-compassion is really important. One of the reasons I developed my fitness app [Brooke Burke Body] was to show people that you can carve out whatever time that your lifestyle allows, get it done — I really think that we need to make ourselves a priority as women. We take great care of our kids, we don’t miss their appointments, we don’t always schedule time for ourselves. I believe in that — I believe that we’re worthy of that self care …. putting ourselves at the top of our to-do lists matters … I have zero guilt about my wellness and taking care of myself and treating myself as equally as important.

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