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Brooke Burke Shares Her Wellness Tips

“January is usually New Year’s resolution time and a time to break bad habits.”
By Allie Hogan, Staff Writer ·

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“Right now, we can probably all agree that wellness is more important than ever,” mother, entrepreneur, television personality and former model Brooke Burke tell us. “So I think it’s important to find something that will keep you interested that you can do at home to take better care of yourself.” Burke consistently sets out to provide other people with the tools to be the best version of themselves through fitness and mindfulness. In 2022 Burke is taking her own advice.

What are your health and wellness goals for 2022?

“January is usually New Year’s resolution time and a time to break bad habits, which I really try not to keep. I’m definitely more mindful this year than ever, and I think that’s just because of the shift in the world in the last few years. We just launched a New Year Renew program on my app Brooke Burke Body. It’s really about renewing your sense of self, recharging, resetting wellness goals and holding yourself accountable to a higher standard than previous years to accomplish all of those goals. So, probably just being more mindful this year.”

What favorite wellness habits from 2021 have you brought into the new year?

Intermittent fasting for sure. I’ve been doing that for years. Working out efficiently into the burn to do more body sculpting and target toning programs. I’m also teaching classes, so I plan to continue to connect with my community and help guide them through a space in mother nature to accomplish all of those wellness goals.”

You have a fitness company, a podcast and, of course, a family. What are you most excited about for 2022 in both your professional and personal life?

“Personally, my daughter just started her in-school university experience. She just moved out, so that’s kind of a big deal. It’s totally exciting and different. I’m engaged this year, so I’m starting to think about wedding plans. That’s really exciting. Everything in my personal life is very good right now.

I would say professionally we’re excited about all the television Smart TV deals that we just closed with Brooke Burke Body. So the app is now available on Samsung, Roku and Vizio, which brings in a whole other element of home workouts to the digital fitness space. I’m really excited about that. And just continuing to connect with the community to choreograph effective programs that are inspiring everyone to take better care of themselves this year.”

Tell me about your New Year ReNew program.

“Definitely more dynamic, fun workouts. I partnered with Christine Bullock. She’s a certified instructor. We did a cardio dance party that’s super fun, loosey-goosey. It’s a great sweat sesh cardio party. We also did a chair burn using two chairs kind of like a bar-inspired body sculpting class, super fun. [We did a] cardio abs [class]. We did a stretch and sculpt class that’s yoga-inspired. So we kind of put a twist on some traditional workouts and made them a bit more interesting utilizing things that you have at home.

We’re also offering a free PDF full of recipes and tips and shake ingredients and skin fitness and kind of a head-to-toe lifestyle program that will help you stay committed to your lifestyle wellness goals this year. Brooke Burke Body is more than just fitness. It’s a mindful wellness program, and community is a big part of it. I think it’s for all different ages and fitness levels.”

What wellness products do you rely on to keep yourself healthy?

“I try to keep it simple. I’ve been taking Tru Niagen for about five years, and that is a patented super nutrient that increases NAD levels. It’s great for your cells, promotes cellular defense and helps protect you against stress. It’s something that I take every day. If you’re going to take one supplement, Tru Niagen is definitely it, so I’m a big believer in that.

I also take collagen when I’m taking supplements or I put a powder in my shake. A lot of good fats go into my body for brain health, energy, metabolism. I keep a kind of Mediterranean-inspired diet, and intermittent fasting has been a great shift for me in the last few years.”

What are some must-haves on your beauty counter?

“I love topical serums, I love vitamin C, which helps a lot with my melasma. I never skip sunscreen, not even in the car, which I think is really important. As far as color goes, I love Nude Envie—they have a great collection of creamy blushes and shimmers and nude lipsticks. I use a lot of Milk [Makeup]. I still use IT Cosmetics, old school, but I love their foundation.”

Are there any treatments you’re loving right now?

“I’m a big believer in at-home treatments. I like less downtime and home maintenance that seems to work out best for me. I like exfoliating scrubs. Even some of these over-the-counter drugs store skin shavers have been really effective just to help take off dead skin and regenerate some of your skin cells. I use that a lot.”

What’s your favorite thing to do for self-care?

“Mindful meditations. I love taking an extra five minutes in the morning. I’m a big believer in sleep—I never compromise that. So, I’m listening to sleep playlists—sleep frequencies at night—to make sure that common sounds are not disrupting my sleep routine.

Working out daily has been really great for me for stretch recovery, dopamine, adrenaline, metabolism and energy. I do a lot of sound healing with the crystal sound bowls. Those frequencies really shift you into a different space and can help you get out of an uncomfortable space. I use those now in my meditation classes that I teach in Malibu.”

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