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Brooke Burke Jokes She Has ‘A Lot Of Work’ To Do In Planning Her Wedding, Advises Not To Feel ‘Guilty’ When Eating This Holiday Season

Brooke Burke has been engaged to Scott Rigsby for over one year, but they are still in the process of figuring out their special day.

“We don’t have everything set. I have a lot of work to do! Everyone keeps asking, and I am like, ‘I’ve got to pull it together.’ We’re start to plan and scout locations and visualize this very magical experience,” the 51-year-old exclusively tells OK! while discussing the launch of Longevity: a nutrient dense, plant-based superfood free of wheat, gluten and dairy. “The kids all have an opinion, and they’re so excited, which makes it so beautiful and meaningful.”

To add to the chaos, the TV host and the real estate developer are building a home in Arizona as well. “It’s something we’re doing together, and it’ll be a family home for all of us,” she says. “We’ll visit our family, but we’re going to be home for the holidays and New Years. I want to be in Los Angeles and unwind the rest of the year, have some downtime at home and then gear up for wedding planning and the madness of next year!”

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Though the Brooke Burke Body founder is passionate about health and wellness, she advises to not hold back when eating during the holiday season. “Don’t feel guilty because it’s toxic and there’s no value in it,” she declares. “Make a commitment to not do guilt. Some tips and tricks include to up your cardio, sweat a little bit more, take the stairs, park a little further away, don’t go to a holiday party hungry — that’s when you make poor choices. Drink a ton of water, hydrate, skip the sugar mixes. If you’re going to have a cocktail, have a tequila on the rocks. I don’t put sugary juices in there.”


Burke also loves to make soup in the colder months, which is easy to prep for the busy work week. “I’m the soup queen,” she quips. “I’ll make a lot of soups and then have it on hand. Get really organized this holiday season! Start shopping online now. I want to give things that I love to people that I care for. This holiday season it feels like a time to be more conscious and care for ourselves.”

Something the mom-of-four is looking forward to in 2023 is that she’s “building” her dream. “I’m building Soul Creek Wellness, which is going to be a new retreat space, and it’s going to be the kind of retreat I want to go to. I’ve been doing female retreats, and pre-COVID, I did them around the country,” she spills.

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“That was amazing,” she adds. “But I found myself on locations with no ambiance, and then I had to design the whole experience. It’s going to be so mindful, and I’m designing this glamping, escapism, mindful retreat experience, and then we’ll extend it to other places. It’s going to have soundbaths, lymphatic drainage massages, breath work, body sculpting and more. It’s going to be about mind, body, spirit.”

Burke is also ending the year on a high note by releasing the next evolution of Brooke Burke Body with the launch of Longevity. “This is the first collaboration I did with Brooke Burke Body, so I’m really passionate about this. I really believe in this product. I went to the lab and flew to the factory — I didn’t just sign my name on something. I’m the person that used to line up all these fabulous ingredients to make my morning shakes. It’s not a protein powder, it’s a super food blend, but it has everything you need for energy, like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, gut properties, everything for focus, energy and recovery,” she explains. “You blend it up in a power, you can bake with it. I do a shake every morning, and I put two scoops of Cacao in there. It’s been fun to share something to simplify wellness.”

“We’re also giving away a free subscription to Brooke Burke Body, which is cool. We want people to give the gift of health and wellness. I love this product — it tastes amazing. This holiday season, we’re also doing a pumpkin spice smoothie. We put in nutmeg, cinnamon and other flavors,” she adds.

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Consumers can find custom recipes that are simple and easy to follow on the and via Longevity’s and TikTok channels, as well as on and the Brooke Burke Body fitness app.

Longevity is now available direct-to-consumer on with prices ranging from $39.95 — $57.95 with subscriptions options available.

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