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A Perfect Sunday with TV Personality & Wellness Guru Brooke Burke

Brooke Burke is the type of woman that doesn’t let life happen — she takes it by the reins, if the past 15 years are anything to go by. Yes, she’s a TV personality that won season seven of Dancing with the Stars and then went on to co-host the show for seven years. But she’s also a thyroid cancer survivor, an author (The Naked Mom: A Modern Mom’s Fearless Revelations, Savvy Advice and Soulful Reflections and Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Joy of Less), co-CEO of, fitness instructor, Intimate Knowledge podcast co-host, creative director of operations for La Plage Wellness Retreat in Santa Monica, mother of four, bride-to-be (she and partner Scott Rigsby got engaged September 2021) and at the moment she’s busy with her latest launch, Longevity by Brooke Burke Body, a plant-based superfood powder. But as busy as she is, she also finds time to decompress, which she says is her key to juggling it all. When? Sundays, naturally.

In our new series, “A Perfect Sunday,” we spotlight our favorite tastemakers and their ideal Sunday vibe, life advice, and beauty and style must-haves. Here, Brooke Burke shares her routine.

Wake-Up Routine:

“Soulful Sundays are my favorite time of the week. I usually wake up around 9 a.m. and then take advantage of ‘me time’ in the morning because I don’t have any school commitments with the kiddos. I have a mindful playlist that I’ve created that allows me to take five to 10 extra minutes for myself to really start my day — and my week — off right. I really value this.”

What She’s Wearing:

“I think fashion dictates a mood. It’s all about how I’m feeling. If I am in need of energy, yellow is my poppy color. If I’m feeling really feminine, I turn to pinks and purples. If I’m feeling more earthy, I will go with greens, orange, earth tones. I think we all have a color story to tell.”

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“I teach a total body and soul sculpt class in my backyard followed by a sound bath meditation. I share this with my Malibu community. And I really get everything I need from this class. It’s in mother nature. Under the trees. Vitamin D. Fresh Air. Community. All of those things define mindful fitness for me.

“Before I work out, I put a really rich cream or coconut oil on my feet and then put my socks and sneakers on. It’s an amazing fitness foot mask. If time allows, I’ll put a little coconut oil in my hair, too. After my workout, I get in my infrared sauna to get a really deep sweat. I also use my Vital Red Light therapy while I’m in the sauna so I’m getting everything I need for my skin and my body at one time.

“My first meal of the day is my post-workout shake. Right now it’s a fall smoothie. It’s two scoops of cacao flavored Longevity by Brooke Burke Body superfood powder; eight ounces of organic almond milk; one teaspoon of almond butter; a sprinkle of cinnamon; half of a frozen banana or a medley of frozen fruits; ice; and maybe a splash of leftover coffee. You can also mix it up by adding frozen pears instead of bananas and add nutmeg and cinnamon. It makes an amazing smoothie.”

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Lunch & Afternoon:

“Sundays are down days so I like to stay at home and cook. I also meal prep on Sundays. I’ll make soup for the week. I’ll make homemade bone broth. Maybe a nice, hearty fall lentil soup. I’ll also make a big pot of faro and quinoa for the kids and myself throughout the week. I also have an amazing recipe on for a crockpot full of pulled chicken. I can use it to pack lunches for the kids. I can use it in tacos or breakfast burritos. I like to get really prepared on Sunday for the week ahead. And meal prep is super important for anyone who is trying to live a mindful life.”


“We like to eat at home on Sunday. Light a fire. Light candles. I try to be in bed by 10 p.m. because the week is really demanding. I love an epsom salt bubble bath to wind down. It’s great for the body and recovery.”

Bedtime Ritual:

“I am obsessed with this new line called Kindly. They have boy briefs and bra tops and they are super soft and comfy and perfect to sleep in. I also love anything by Barefoot Dreams. And I love silk PJs, too. Silk Laundry is my favorite. I think sheets and bedding in your guest bedroom says a lot about you. For years, everybody who has slept over has talked about how amazing these sheets are. They are actually my cousin Kellie Burke’s line — KBI Signature Luxury Bedding. She’s an interior designer in Connecticut.”

Brooke’s Best-Of

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Why are health and wellness so important to you?

“It’s all about personal promises and daily rituals. Wellness is a big picture and different for everyone. I make daily commitments to myself and I keep them to create energy, to accomplish personal goals, to take care of my heart health, to keep my body fit and to give me a daily sense of accomplishment.”

What are some of your beauty must-haves?

“I love jade rollers. I have a face shaver from Tweezerman. A really good hair mask — I love Matrix Biolage. These aren’t necessarily beauty must-haves but I take Tru Niagen daily… I use my Bemer device twice daily to help with circulation and rid myself of cellular waste. And I believe what I put in my body really affects me inside and out. That’s why I am so excited about Longevity by Brooke Burke Body.”

Have you thought about your wedding-day beauty at all — what you might do with hair and makeup?

“Undone. Natural, fresh, and healthy.”

How do you juggle it all — work, parenting, life?

“It’s about creating moments that matter and incorporating mindful fitness into your life. For me, it’s yoga, stretch and recovery, creating energy, getting a daily sweat. The reason I can do so much and juggle family and friends and career is because I know how to slow down and recharge my batteries through meditation and all of these moments that matter.”

What are you reading and watching right now?

Handmaid’s Tale. I’m obsessed. I’m also watching Dahmer, which is so dark. I’m trying to read 10 books a month right now. I am currently reading Becoming Supernatural.”

Describe your style.

“High-low. I love a mixture of high-end designer and deconstructed casual looks.”

What are you most proud of that you’ve accomplished?

“Raising four babies to be conscientious, kind, loving human beings.”

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