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Mom Fitness Is Achievable

As a health and wellness mentor, I know that good nutrition, regular exercise, and self-care are the keys to living our best lives. As a mom, I understand that doesn’t mean we all have the same needs or face the same challenges. Mom fitness requires a bit of extra ingenuity because so much of our time and energy is centered around others.

The reality is that our days and nights aren’t exclusively our own. In addition to waking up, getting dressed, cooking meals, cleaning up, doing dropoff and pickup, running errands, paying bills, caring for pets, working in and/or outside the home, and managing a full calendar of appointments and activities, we also juggle our kids’ education, entertainment, transportation, sports, extracurricular activities, and more. Just thinking about it can feel overwhelming and exhausting.

If only we could find more time and energy. Seems impossible, right?

I’ll let you in on three life-changing truths about mom fitness. One, you need less time than you think. Two, you have more time than you realize. Three, you can increase your energy through exercise. The fit moms you see on social media or when you are out and about have figured it out. Fitness is achievable… and it can even be fun!

Let’s start with one of the first thoughts that get in your way of pursuing your fitness goals: You simply don’t have enough time. Perhaps, you imagine getting ready, driving to the gym, parking, walking inside, checking in, working out for 45 minutes to an hour, and then reversing the process back home. That can be a tough ask for any busy mom regardless of their fitness level!


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Fortunately, digital workouts make it easy and convenient for us to workout wherever, whenever, and however we want. And if we sweat smart, we can squeeze in an amazing full body workout or targeted bite-sized burn in just twenty minutes or less. That doesn’t feel nearly as intimidating or disruptive to our daily routines.

Finding that extra twenty minutes is where a little strategy and planning comes into play. One obvious way is to simply set our alarm clocks for twenty minutes earlier in the morning and get in a quick workout before any of the day’s distractions have a chance to get in the way. But one of my favorite ways is to workout while I’m cooking. This double duty helps me make the most of my time while I can keep an eye on the stove. I even have a great series of kitchen Barre sessions perfect for turning meal prep into me time. 

The other important element for staying fit as a mom requires a shift in mindset. It’s easy to imagine exercise as an energy drain. But in reality, getting our heart rate up and boosting our metabolism increases our energy level and stamina over an extended period of time. That’s another reason I really like to workout in the mornings. I can feel that increase in energy the rest of the day. I know for sure that I get more done on days when I work out early than I do on days when I don’t.

See, self-care isn’t selfish. When we put ourselves on the list, we ensure that we have the focus, strength, and longevity to be the active and engaged parents our kids need. It isn’t just that our health is important. It’s imperative. In order to take care of our families, we have to take care of ourselves, too.


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In fact, we might as well make it a family affair. There are so many ways to include our partners and children along on our fitness journey. Go for a hike together and let nature’s beauty inspire conversation and connection. Play volleyball on the beach when the weather beckons you to the sand and surf. Practice yoga as a family and discover the power of breath, sound, meditation, and mindful movement. If you exercise together, you won’t need to find any extra time at all. From fit moms to fit families – I love it!

One of my driving intentions in life is to inspire and motivate other women – and especially other moms – to embrace self-care as a vital and necessary part of their daily lives. The supportive community of fellow warriors I’ve been fortunate enough to build with my BB Body app and LIVE events is an incredible source of meaningful connection. Tap in and join us for fun workouts with plenty of encouragement and lots of love!

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