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Best Workout Playlists For Every Mood

Let’s be honest: sometimes working out is way easier said than done. Even though giving ourself that 30 mins a day to just be, to breathe through the stress of the day, take some personal inventory may be what your body wants, but it’s not always as simple as slapping on some yoga pants and getting it done.

Some days, you just need that extra little push to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts, whatever your mood may be. Music is an incredible motivational tool, it will dictate your movement mood and has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, provide dopamine (the “feel-good” chemical!), and aid in pain reduction. Whatever kind of workout you’re looking for, adding music to your regime will help you push through that total body cardio, bring your yoga-flow to nirvana, and most importantly, make you feel as ready as possible to access your inner-strength as fully as possible.

You can play some of these tunes on top of BB Body workouts to mix it up. Just turn down the volume and pump up your music player. All songs are on my Spotify, where you can follow me for some of my other fave songs and curated playlists—including a special one for Quaran-TONE!

So, whether you’re feeling extra burnt out, super motivated, or anywhere in between, read on to find the best workout playlists to help amplify your next workout.

Workout Playlist To Get You Fired Up!
Do you ever have one of those days where you wake-up with what feels like a boundless pool of energy? Rare as they are, learning to give yourself all the nutrition, sleep, and yes, exercise as you can, will make them more frequent! The best feeling in the world is tying up your sneakers with a big smile on your face because you know you’re about to have an incredible workout. On these special days, have this fun fitness & workout playlist on hand to help you sustain your energy through the toughest moments of your workout!

Fitness & Workout Playlists To Celebrate You!
Whether you’re just starting out a workout routine or a fitness guru, celebrate the body you have right now. Your body does so much for you and it’s worth appreciating it through your workouts. Be proud of where you, set your #goals, and flaunt what you got with the best workout playlists to celebrate YOU!

Workout Playlists to Find Your Flow
Some days our bodies are just calling out for movement, balance, and a need to feel grounded. It’s a well-known fact that consistent fitness practice literally feeds our brains by providing oxygen, aiding in building connections between cells in vital areas, and stimulating memory retention. The more you do, the more likely you are to be able to tap into that focused, intentional space, making for a perfect fitness ready mental-state. Turn this playlist all the way up on those extra-motivated, mindful days for a purposeful workout that will have you sweating and smiling all the way through.

Take a Break: Meditation Playlists
Though aerobic exercise is vital to our physical and emotional health, balance is key, and you need to make sure you’re giving your body adequate time to slow down and connect to your inner needs. Yoga and meditation are popular methods for this, but even a simple “stretch day” where you focus on your muscles and give them all the TLC they need would be incredibly beneficial. These days of peace and attention to your mind-body connection will not only help you get the most out of your workouts but your day-to-day life. Use meditative workout playlists like the one below for all those slower moments of self-care.

Workout Playlists For The Whole Family
Sometimes it takes more than music to keep you motivated; working out with your kids is a great way to make exercising something to look forward to. I love trying new workouts with my kids to connect and make sure we’re all taking care of ourselves. During these claustrophobic times, getting to the gym for a group fitness class isn’t really an option, and it’s up to us to create the best fitness environments for ourselves inside of our homes. So grab your kids or your partner, or anyone else you’re isolating with, and turn on a playlist everyone’s sure to love!

Your workouts can change with a multitude of factors; maybe you have some serious steam to blow off, perhaps you’re overflowing with energy after a great day at work and you just have to get it out somehow! Whatever you’re feeling make sure to listen to the clues your body is giving and trust that you have the power to give love and care to yourself.

Separately, music and exercise are two incredibly powerful therapeutic tools but combined they are a potent well of strength, peace, and support. Don’t be afraid to create a playlist that works for you and your body and to play it loud!
You deserve it.

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