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Why Fitness Challenges Work

Health and fitness aren’t just personal passions for me. They’re daily priorities that help me reduce stress, maintain energy, increase focus, and stay centered. My intention is to always stay mindful of caring for the body that moves me through this life and the mind that guides it. That being said, “always” can be an intimidating commitment.

That’s why I love achievable short-term fitness challenges. They can really jumpstart our fitness journey or take our workouts to the next level… without feeling overwhelming. And the best part is that success is an amazing motivator.

Based on my experience, I believe two of the most critical factors to achieving our goals are accountability and social support.
So let’s share this challenge with each other (and our besties) and really show up for each other… especially when the
going gets tough.


It’s so much easier to stay on track when we know others are counting on us. Whether it’s your workout partner, our LIVE Zoom classes, or the intimate Q&As after class, the awareness that we need each other helps us stay committed and focused. When we show up, share, listen, learn, and support each other, we receive even more in return.

Social Support

Being part of a caring community is a powerful motivator to stay positive and enthusiastic about our goals. It makes a huge difference when we can encourage and empathize with each other on our shared fitness journey. We can be inspired or we can be the inspiration! I love seeing and celebrating your progress, so keep sharing! 

Together, accountability and social support are a powerful combination that can help us push through any challenges
we encounter!

It’s only 3 weeks… but 3 weeks can make a big difference… and 3 weeks can be the beginning of a whole new you.

sdt 629 1Stay inspired and encouraged each and every day with:

  • 1st-Ever Digital Weekly Meet-Up + LIVE Zoom Classes
  • 15 Total Body Sculpting Workouts + Yoga
  • Daily Meditation Practice
  • Go Green Cleanse + Tech Detox
  • Brooke’s Summer Must-Haves + Discount Codes
  • Mindful and Motivational Recipes from Chef Giovanna
  • Downloadable Accountability Worksheets, Wellness Tips & FITspo

Your well being is a priority. It’s time to treat it that way. Join the 3-week fitness challenge today and start your journey towards a healthier and stronger you.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!




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