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How To Lose Inner Thigh and Butt Fat

As women, society places a lot of expectations on us about our bodies. And in all honesty, we can be pretty judgmental about ourselves. We want to be shapely but lean. We want to be toned but not bulky. And often, we want to look more like some idealized other than our own best self. Given this shared struggle, it’s not surprising that I get a lot of questions about how to lose inner thigh fat, how to lose butt fat, etc.

Of course, I include a lot of target toning workouts in my own personal practice, on the BB Body app, and at my LIVE classes, so I definitely have plenty of suggestions for sculpting the shape you are seeking. But before we get to specific movements, we need to walk through some basics about the way our muscles, body fat, exercise, and metabolism work together.

Our bodies are machines and food is our fuel. That means a big part of being healthy is eating healthy. Generally, when our bodies need energy, it pulls from the easiest source first: the carbohydrates available in our digestive system. Once that source is depleted, it moves on to burning fat for fuel.

There are two noteworthy exceptions to this rule. One is when our body senses that it is not getting enough regular access to food. In that case, it can kick into starvation mode, amplify hunger/cravings, and start burning protein (muscle) for fuel. The other is when our body is in a state of ketosis – typically as a result of a lower/no-carb, higher protein/fat diet like Atkins, Keto, Mediterranean, Paleo, etc. – and turns to fat for energy in the absence of adequate carbohydrates. It is certainly possible to lose inner thigh and butt fat without exercise (through diet alone).

Personally, I believe in a combination of intermittent fasting (confining food intake to an 8-hour window each day), a healthy, balanced diet, and regular exercise. But the one thing we definitely want to avoid is starvation. Not only will it be harder to make mindful food choices, but we will end up losing more muscle than fat.

The next thing that is important to understand is that muscle burns more calories than fat. This is true even when we are at rest. Pound for pound, muscle also occupies less space than fat, so it is literally possible to be smaller in size at the same weight when we have more muscle and less fat. In other words, increasing muscle tone not only helps sculpt our shapes, but it also helps us to lose excess fat.

All of this leads us to the answer for how to lose butt and inner thigh fat fast. When we target these areas in our exercise routines, we can build up specific muscles that lift, tighten, and shape those areas. In addition to burning calories, we are also increasing muscle tone that will continue to burn more calories. It doesn’t take long to begin seeing the effects of this combination.

I have plenty of short, targeted burns you can check on on my app, but here are my ten of my favorite Booty Burn movements (which you can check out on my app) for lifting and toning your booty and losing butt fat: Sumo Squats, Triple Lunges, Fire Hydrant, Hydrant 3’s, Cheerleader, Rainbow, Bridge Feet, Scorpion, Triangle Pulse, and Cobra Raise the Roof Pulse. Depending on your fitness level, you can aim for one or two minutes per move and still end up with an amazing (and fast) workout.

I have also put together a variety of short sessions that are focused on thighs, legs, and even leg and booty combinations. Some of my favorite moves include Pendulum Swing, Lunge Hop, High Chair Lunges, Single Leg Deadlifts, Lunge Punches, Sumo Kicks, Meet The Queen Hops, Squats, Tap Kicks, Scorpion Twists, Bridge, Yogi Bike, Hip Press, Squat Stand, and Skaters. And again, one or two minutes per movement quickly adds up to an efficient and effective workout. Mix and match them to keep things interesting and you’ll soon realize it isn’t as hard to lose inner thigh and butt fat as you thought.

Just remember that the goal is to improve muscle tone and lose excess fat. In combination, the effect will be to lift, tighten, tone, lose weight, and boost your metabolism. Check out the Brooke Burke Body app or join a LIVE class and let’s sweat together!

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