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How to Keep Kids Moving Through Online Learning

As children are getting their school online, even PE has become an online course. Our kids are staring at screens all day, which is known to have detrimental physical, cognitive, and mental effects. It’s harder than ever to get them away from their screens and into the sun. According to the CDC, kids are supposed to get 60 minutes of physical activity a day, but moving around can take a backseat when children are becoming increasingly used to sitting down and trying to focus on virtual people all day.
If you’re like me and find that your kids’ online learning isn’t supporting their physical needs, read on for some ideas to get the whole family moving!
According to research from Harvard University, yoga is key for promoting focus, self-confidence, and stress reduction in children. Adapt your yoga practice to your youngsters. You can turn on a video and let your kids stretch and flow along with the instructor, or you want to learn how to teach yoga to young ones. Either way, mindfulness is a lesson best instilled early and often.
There’s almost nothing that’s more enjoyable for people of all ages, than dance. Whether you’re a professional ballerina or a professional happy-dancer, humans are hard-wired to love dancing. Much research even suggests that our prehistoric ancestors busted a move to communicate and bond, so it’s in our DNA! Today, we know dance is something that has been proven to elevate moods, sharpen brain functioning, and alleviate anxiety. Turn on your favorite tunes and get the family dancing!
General Lesson Plans
While individual modules of exercise may be effective, over time kids may grow weary of the same routines and require more diversity in their physical education. Pick some of your favorite exercise moves and mix and match them each day.
In this time, where continued uncertainty is the only thing promised, it is more important than ever to ensure the mental and physical health of you and your loved ones. Clean food, fresh air, and specifically, holistic exercise are necessary components of a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages, but especially little ones. Growing bodies need help with developing their motor skills, muscles, and minds; exercise feeds young brains with healthy sleep patterns, attentiveness, overall self-esteem, and countless other benefits key to their advancement.
Although virtual learning is a valuable tool, it should never hinder children’s ability to learn about their bodies, hearts, and minds through movement
Family fitness is so important to me. That’s why Brooke Burke Body will soon have a handful of mini PE workouts to do together with your children. Kids need adrenaline, dopamine, and movement as much as we do. Stay tuned and keep your family moving in the meantime.

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