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Celebrating Our Third BB Body Anniversary


Dear BB Body Warriors.

As our third anniversary together nears, this feels like just the right time to remember how far we’ve come, the challenges we’ve faced, and the triumphs we’ve had along the way.

We began with the Holiday Handful. We rolled through the heat with the Summer Slim Down. We crushed 4-week Ab Attack and Booty challenges. We broadened our team of trainers.

And, in the middle of pandemic-necessitated gym closures and social distancing, we launched Living Room Live and connected globally through our live streams.

Obviously, our world has been turned upside down this year. So much has changed. And so have we. But as a new year approaches, our anniversary is not only a much-needed reason to celebrate but an opportunity to reflect on our growth, our dedication, our community, and our path forward together.

The reality of navigating working from home, school closures, social isolation, and uncertainty has been hard. And togetherness may look a bit different these days. But it’s just as real and meaningful and important as ever. The support and encouragement we continue to offer each other is truly inspiring.

So, we will continue to come together in the privacy of our own homes, keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe, and remaining conscientious of our wellness calls. We will be launching a mini PE for families and children at home to encourage them to take a break and move their bodies. And I will continue to choreograph fresh new programs and sweat smart right along with you. We are, after all, on this wellness journey together.

My belief that rhythm and movement and sweat has the power to change our bodies, minds and spirits only continues to deepen. It may even be what preserves our safety and sanity during these challenging times. But it’s definitely a positive path toward achieving our health and wellness goals. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

I’m honored to share and celebrate BB Body’s anniversary with all of you!



If you are already on the team, give the gift of health to friends and family this year. Let’s make 2021 a year of recovery and renewal!

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