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Brooke Burke’s Top 8 Arm Exercises for Toned Arms

Arms are one the parts of our bodies we tend to see and show the most. Whether it’s a sexy off-the-shoulder moment, casual short sleeves, or even swimsuit season, our arms are more often than not on display. Our arms can also be a tricky area to keep toned, especially as we get older. 

Obviously, bulging muscles aren’t our goal, but the good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of time to keep our arms, shoulders, and upper body tight and toned! You can squeeze in an amazing workout in just ten to fifteen minutes that will sculpt and shape your arms beautifully.

As a general rule, each of the movements I am recommending should last about one minute. It may not sound like much, but it will actually push your muscles to fatigue. That means you can squeeze in eight exercises in eight minutes and still get a complete arm workout. Now that’s what I call sweating smart!

Personally, I like to use light hand weights – somewhere between two to five pounds – for a little extra resistance. Of course, weights are completely optional! Water bottles are also great if you don’t have hand weights. But I recommend starting without weight in the beginning just to practice your form and then easing your way into using light weights as you build up your strength and confidence.

Top 8 Arm Exercises:

Arm Circles

Relax your shoulders, keep your arms straight out to your side, and make small circles with your arms in a clockwise motion for thirty seconds. Then reverse your circles and move in a counterclockwise motion for thirty seconds.

Boxer Combo

Stand legs apart, relax your knees, and imagine your hand weights are boxing gloves as you rotate your torso and turn your hips to punch out to the side. Bring your hands back together at your chest, and then repeat to the other side. Mix it up with some rotating jabs straight in front of you.

Double Curls

Grab your light hand weights and roll your shoulders to relax and open them up. With your elbows shoulder-width apart, curl your arms up and down in a normal bicep curl, and then rotate your forearms out to the side for a second set of curls. 

Lat Pulls

Begin by getting into a lunge position, bracing your arm against the bent leg on that side, and stretching the other arm down to the ground. Then pull your elbow behind you until the weight reaches your side. Try to extend all the way back to the floor with each rep.

Shoulder Press Combo

Start with your palms together in front of your face. Then, bring them down, rounding your arms out and up above your head until the weights tap together. Reverse the movement to the beginning position and repeat. 

Tricep Kickback

Bring your elbows to your side and your hand weights to the center of your upper chest. Bend your knees, lean slightly forward, and push your booty out to create a little curve in your spine. Then, press your hands back, elongating your arms and pushing the weight just beyond your backside.

Windshield Wiper

Raise both arms straight out to the side from the shoulder at a 90-degree angle up. Bring one arm to the front of the chest moving parallel to the shoulder, then back. Now bring the other arm forward the same way and back again. For the last fifteen seconds, move both arms in unison and add a gentle up and down pulsing motion to your movement.


Stand legs apart and raise arms up and out from your shoulders to create an X with your body. Keeping your arms straight, bring them down and in to your waist, and then allow your hand weights to guide you down your legs to your feet. Then reverse the steps back to your original position. 

Shapely, toned arms are absolutely achievable with just a little bit of time and commitment. Don’t be afraid to feel the burn and push through it. If you commit to eight minutes of exercise, just a couple of times a week, you can have amazing arms you’ll want to show off even in winter!

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