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Fitness Myth Debunked: More Sweat Means A Better Workout

There seems to be a pretty common belief that more sweat equates to a better workout. That is definitely not true. But the truth about sweat is both more complicated and more interesting than that.

When we expend energy by burning calories, we generate internal body heat. Our body releases salty water, also known as perspiration or sweat, which cools us off as it evaporates from our skin. The degree to which each of us sweats depends on a variety of factors, including temperature and humidity, age and weight, and level of fitness.

On one hand, the more fit you are, the more you sweat. This is because you are able to burn calories more efficiently which, in turn, generates more body heat. On the other hand, the less fit you are, the more you sweat. This is because it requires more energy to perform the same movements and body fat acts as an insulator that retains body heat.

The important thing to remember is that sweating is not an indicator of intensity, nor is burning calories the same thing as burning fat.

What I’ve discovered on my wellness journey is that health and fitness is achievable without a major time commitment, an expensive gym membership or personal trainer, or any special equipment. Instead, I’ve learned how to maximize my results while minimizing my time by working out smarter instead of harder.

That’s why I have created a whole series of bite-sized burns that boost strength, increase energy, jump-start metabolism, and target and tone. My goal is to create efficient workouts and mindful movement sessions that fuel a sense of accomplishment and compound results over time.

Here are some of my very favorite fast and effective BB Body app workouts for transforming your body. This list includes targeted workouts, a total body session, and a stretch and recovery slowdown – all of which are under 20 minutes!

Kitchen “Barre” Arm Burn Quickie

The best thing about a great arm and upper body workout is that you can really see and feel the difference as your strength improves. Just grab two water bottles (or don’t if you are just starting) and discover how much you can accomplish when you commit to even just a little self-care. This amazing 13-minute session is a perfect routine to squeeze in while dinner is cooking to target tone your shoulders, arms, back, and chest.

5 Best Ab Exercises

Abs are often an area we struggle with for aesthetic reasons, and I get it. We all want to look our best and be able to wear clothes that flatter our body. But what I think is more important is that strengthening our abs provides valuable support for our back and improves our posture. This quick and effective 10-minute workout features 5 of the very best exercises to help you tighten and tone your abs.

Best Butt Workout

Everybody knows that I love a short and sexy booty burn! And with this one, all you need is a yoga mat and a desire for shapely derriere. Check and check! This fantastic 11-minute video features my six 6 favorite booty moves to tone and sculpt those trouble areas, including a new move I absolutely love!

Legs Flow – Venice Beach Word Wall

Legs are literally our foundation, but they are also one of the areas of our bodies we most often neglect. Given the natural mass of our leg and butt muscles, it doesn’t take much movement to start feeling the intensity. That’s actually a good thing as long as it doesn’t lead to avoidance. This special 11-minute flow features some of my favorite legs-sculpting and booty-lifting moves to shape and strengthen our lower body. 

Total Body Burn – Chateau Charvet Backyard

A total body workout in less than 15 minutes is possible. And fun! Plus, you don’t need to go any further than your own backyard to get in a complete workout. This intense and efficient 14-minute burn works the entire body with precise movements that target your arms, core, booty, and legs.

2020 Stretch & Recovery Flow

Yes, it’s possible to get in a rejuvenating flow of 20 moves in 20 minutes! Yoga is such an important practice in my health and wellness routine and I hope you find it as restorative as I do. This 18-minute series of mindful movements is so good for releasing tension and rebalancing your body and soul connection.

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