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Fitness influencer Brooke Burke shares her tips, tricks and favorite self-care products for the new year

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Brooke Burke first burst onto the scene as the host of the popular E! television travel series Wild On! from 1999 to 2002, and became a fixture as a personality and influencer, gracing our TV screens pretty much continuously ever since. She hosted Rock Star: INXS and Rock Star: Super Nova on CBS, She’s Got the Lookon TV Land and seven seasons of the primetime staple Dancing with the Stars after winning the show with partner Derek Hough in 2008.

She’s built up an entrepreneurial career, too, creating a bestselling fitness DVD series and emphasizing her dedication to women’s physical and mental health with the Booty Burn workout and Brooke Burke Body fitness lifestyle app,which has been improving the lives of ladies all over the world since 2017. After successfully undergoing surgery for thyroid cancer in 2012 and becoming the face of the American Cancer Society’s “Bucket List” campaign in 2014, Brooke has valued her health more than ever, and the quality of the products that she’s used to promote her well-being have been a huge focus. “For me, beauty really starts from within,” says Burke, and it really starts with these five products!

“Hydration is a big deal,” shares Burke, “vitamins that give us energy and help us recover are really, really important.” She recommends 305-Life Dietary Supplements for that extra pre- and post-workout boost: “I throw them in my shake…I’m all about being efficient with my time and fueling my body with as much good stuff as I can in one shot, and the combination of vitamin B’s they have in this product are really great.”

305-Life Dietary Supplements work overtime to provide the essential nutrients you need to support total body movement, immunity, digestion and heart health, as well as maintaining the generation of cellular energy.

Kayo Skin Perfect Collagen Powder Drink Mix

Refresh, rejuvenate, revitalize. (Photo: Revolve)

One of the products Burke especially loves right now is Kayo Skin Perfect Collagen Powder Drink Mix, another way the fitness maven maximizes every sip she takes: “It’s a collagen cocktail, if you will, for your skin. And, again, it’s about hydration, and all of the ingredients are super mindful.”

Kayo Skin Perfect is about feeding your skin as well as elevating your hydration, with wild-caught marine collagen (which is more easily absorbed by the body than bovine collagen) to help strengthen hair, skin and nails while supporting muscle and joint health to help bodies move and stretch fluidly. Their signature advanced formula kickstarts the body’s ability to build its own collagen while protecting it from environmental stressors and improving skin hydration. It’s also packed with antioxidants to protect skin from environmental stress, hyaluronic acid for hydrated skin and joints, and ceramides that keep the skin looking supple and vital.

Knesko Rose Quartz Roller

Get on a roll with skin care in 2022! (Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue)

“I’ve always been a big believer in never letting anybody know how tired you really are,” laughs Burke. For just-rested skin, she swears by her Knesko Rose Quartz Roller — in fact, she keeps two in the freezer at all times! “On a tired morning, on a puffy morning, I just really gently roll it over my eyes. It’s very, very soothing.”

Bemer Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy System

You deserve 8 minutes of self-care. (Photo: Bemer)

If you’re looking to take charge of your wellness routine this year, Burke has some suggestions to help you zen out and lift up your soul. “I am a big believer in slowing down, repairing, and recovering,” she says, “so [the Bemer Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy System] is something I’ve been using for years, something that I let my children use…it’s basically a pad that I lay down on for eight minutes, twice a day.”

Bemer devices use a pulsed electromagnetic field to stimulate muscles and increase blood circulation, which is vital for overall health. This helps promote stress relief, improved sleep and energy, endurance, and muscle strength. “It’s kind of like a wireless phone charger for your body,” mused Burke.

Caliwater 12-pack

If this helps me get skin as healthy as Brooke Burke's, sign me up! (Photo: Amazon)

Once, twice, three times the hydration recommendations from Brooke Burke! Make 2022 the year you maximize your water intake — and her hydration of choice is Caliwater. “I’m from Arizona, so I have grown up understanding the benefits of the prickly pear,” she explains. “[Actors] Vanessa Hudgens and Oliver Trevena sent me this case of Caliwater, and it’s more hydrating than coconut water.”

“It’s really flavorful, and it’s also a great mixer…it’s low-calorie, there’s not a lot of sugar, and you’re getting the hydration benefits. So, good for the night before, and good for the morning after!”

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