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Brooke Burke Reveals She’s Had Trouble Staying Fit Amid Pandemic: “Fitness Can Be Boring”

Even the famously fit star has struggled amid COVID lockdowns.

brooke burke in green dress standing outdoors

If you’ve had trouble sticking to your fitness routine amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re far from alone. Despite having personal trainers and home gyms at their disposal, even celebrities have found it challenging to stay fit—and fitness expert, TV personality, and actor Brooke Burke is no exception. In an exclusive interview with Eat This, Not That!, Burke opens up about her relatable struggle to stay motivated over the past year.

When asked if she found it more difficult to stick to her workouts amid the pandemic, Burke candidly replies, “To be honest, yes.”

“Let’s face it: fitness can be boring and not everybody loves it,” says the multi-hyphenate star.

Burke, who recently launched a Summer Slim Down series via her Brooke Burke Body app, says that not having the camaraderie she usually finds in the gym was one of the biggest adjustments for her.

“The heat and intensity of being in a large class are different from the at-home experience,” she admits, noting that she particularly missed going to in-person SoulCycle and yoga classes amid COVID lockdowns. However, Burke says that she has a newfound appreciation for at-home workouts.

“I do believe in the digital gym at home,” she says. “The benefits are more efficient for both time and money. I have to work out smarter and harder to break a sweat. My programs on the Brooke Burke Body app do exactly that.”

“I have learned to embrace the burn, crave the sweat, and understand the benefits of pushing through a workout and the energy that it creates.”

Despite the challenges of juggling a busy schedule and navigating life at home during COVID (with four kids to take care of, no less), Burke says that she has made a point to keep her wellbeing—and the “me time” her fitness routine provides—a top priority during this challenging period.

“Time has always been an excuse, so I’ve had to design a life schedule that works for me,” she says. “I’ve had to put myself on top of my to-do list.”

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