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Patience, A Practice Worth Pursuing


With election week on the world’s center stage, we can’t shelter ourselves from feelings of anxiety.  Beyond winning or losing, this week has conjured up so many different emotions. What have we learned from this week and how can we apply it to our own journey?

  • Fitness is NOT about winning or losing it’s about the process.
  • It’s a journey that requires patience, process, integrity & compassion.
  • This week certainly gives new meaning to the concept of patience.

Patience, like fitness, is a practice we can choose every day. It’s a routine that we can actively participate in to improve our overall wellness. Taking time to pause, breathe, and stay present is a practice that we can all benefit from.  It’s about the journey, the process. The steps that we take every day to stay true to our commitments. Which leads us to integrity. Body integrity. What does that mean? Consider your personal promises. Promises that you’re capable of keeping and the integrity that it takes to honor them. We also need to meet ourselves with compassion. Listening to our body, staying present in the every day challenges, and meeting our self with kindness. Be compassionate with yourself, the burn, the soreness, the frustration, it’s all real and part of our fitness journey. 

I’m sure like me, you feel your patience has been tested a lot because this year has certainly had a ton of waiting, hasn’t it?

  • Waiting for the pandemic to go away.
  • Waiting to go back to a normal work routine.
  • Waiting for the opportunity to travel and spend time with our favorite people whenever we want, however we want to.
  • Waiting for better news.
  • Waiting for the year to be over, so we can start “fresh”.
  • Waiting for results.
  • Waiting to drop a few more lbs. 
  • Waiting. Simply waiting.

I encourage you to be patient and kind to yourself. Take note of the many tough moments you’ve conquered! Maybe you conquered some of our target toning challenges. Those are triumphs along the way.  While it might feel “selfish” to give yourself the gift of patience – it isn’t. The people that benefit the most from your patience are YOU & your kids, partner, colleagues and friends.

Keep the faith and have patience. It’s a practice worth pursuing.

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