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Maintain Your Winter Chill

Even under ordinary circumstances, staying centered can sometimes be a challenge. It’s easy to get so caught up in our to-do lists that we forget to take care of ourselves – the very thing that makes everything else possible!

Obviously, the holiday season can be especially busy and demanding, which is all the more reason to take a beat and make a plan.

Two tricks I use to set myself up for success are setting the scene and simplifying the process. The first is about taking the time to create an atmosphere that supports your goals. And the second is about aligning your actions with your intentions.

For example, whether you’re decorating the tree, hosting a holiday meal, or squeezing in a quick workout before everyone else wakes up, pick out some good mood music, light a scented candle or some incense, and take ten cleansing breaths. How we start has a lot to do with how we finish, so start by lowering your stress.

Then, rather than trying to do a million things at once, focus on what you are really hoping to accomplish. For instance, if you want to give gifts from the heart, start there – instead of the mall.

What do you love? What brings you joy? What would you like to share? Did you discover an amazing new book, candle or beauty product this year? If so, stock up and give your favorite things to your favorite people! Sharing your positive experiences is a wonderful way to spread the love.

Remember, even amidst the hustle and bustle of the holidays, self-care is the best gift of all.



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